Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



Here 's my submission! It’s fitting for the weather outside :slight_smile:


Wow this is a new posting thingy. Okay here is what I did for this section. Enjoy! I really love the instructor’s instructions. Very nice and easy to understand. Although using terms like Full Stop as an American kind of took me off guard. But I understood the reference.


I see so many creative things it feels a little silly to post my screen shot. My goal was to keep it simple and try doing it with my Wacom tablet instead of using a mouse.


I made a simple nightstand, with a lamp on it.
This was really fun! Took me a while to get used to the transform and view controls.


It’s so awesome to see what people have come up with. I was wondering if I went too far but apparently not. So I’m glad I can experiment. This is my small olden f1 racing car prototype. Hahahahaha! It’s a rocket car! I had so much fun using Shift + S to ge the centre of certain things. I was finding it super difficult to place things before this tutorial. Now, I know the value of the 3D Cursor!


And I also made this. I always thought I couldn’t model to save my life. But now I have hope. So glad I signed up for this course.


All hail Suzanne, the wise knowing Blender monkey!
Awesome to see the models of things people have created!



Haha. That’s like the “Hulk” version of Suzanne! It’s a good short movie idea for the Blender community. When Suzanne goes mutant!


Below is my attempt at making a basic pencil and a piece of paper. I came to the realization that the paper itself should have been a cube so you could see some depth to it in Front Ortho view, but hey I wanted a Plane piece of paper…


A acient stone with four oddly shaped guards.


OK. Hier is my 1st model in this course. Litle bit about architecture…


Don’t know where i was going with this but i am sure it has come out like some sort of nuclear reactor.


Im still way to new to this to be too creative, so I just added the basics.


Hey guys,

This is my challenge, made some kind of satellite, and a chess piece (kind of)


Hi there !

This is my little man :

I was so proud of it and then I read all the post in this section and I cried :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice models all of you.

Gonna take a while before I’ll come up with what you did but I am motivated !


Mine was just a simple illuminati sign


i try to make this look like a castle


coulsnt think of anything else


decided to give it another go