Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



I started on a diesel loco, but then I wasn’t happy with it at my current level of skill, so I’m going to create a shell for a train shed instead for now…


Great solution!

To get the underside of the canopy carved out, I first duplicated the flat cone on the top using the option in the tool shelf and used the :arrow_down: arrow key to move the duplicate few inches down.

Have the original one selected, I applied the difference modifier as told. Nothing seemed happened at first, but I found the overlapped mass cancelled out when I moved away the duplicate. That was where I realized the shape used to carve would not disappear after using (Which makes sense. I guess I have gotten too used to immediately ctrl+d selection in photoshop). So, I manually deleted the duplicate.

I used a box to carve the torus in the same way. Ta—da! A normal looking umbrella.

Thank you, DDG! :blush:


You’re welcome! Nice work!


By the way, you can now unite all of your primitives in one solid body (or closed surface). Use boolean modifier Union and you will get ready-to-use asset for some kind of game.


That is wonderful :laughing:
I would do it after I learn about applying colours in the course, though. Haha.


Here is my first attempt. It is simple, but it was really cool to test all the things we have been learning until now making something!


Wow! lots of cool stuff here :slight_smile: Here is my first go.


Here is my end of section 1 challenge. I was kind of going for a castle gate. Not as fancy as some of the others on this thread but still I’m fairly proud of it. I did some scale along the different axises to achieve it.


Well done, it looks really really cool!


I didn’t realize this is where we posted our lesson 11 challenges woops!
Here’s mine, it’s just some random shapes on top of one another:


I didn’t put as much effort in it as some others here, but I am happy with it nevertheless :^)


Didn’t realize the challenge was to only use one cube, one cylinder and one cone and ended up spending a lot of time on this one. It was fun nevertheless and I quite like final result. It seems like everyone’s pushing their imagination for this challenge too which is really nice, so here’s mine.

A sword and a whetstone. Made by combining cubes, cylinders and cones of different sizes together. Hope it’s alright.


A little forest


@TNae Impressive sword!


I’m still getting used to how to create the windows where I want them, but this is my end of section challenge.


great job
i just tried myself took me about 2 hours ( made a lot of mistakes)
it is a desk with a pen holder and a lamp


A simple lamp-like thing for the challenge.


Here is my castle! I visited Disney recently and suppose I had Epcot on my mind when creating it… I definitely learned 101 ways NOT to move/manipulate objects before finishing!



My first build in Blender! I had too much fun with the cones haha. This program is so different from Maya, but I’m really enjoying it so far! This course is awesome :smiley: