Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



my attempt at this challenge…


really basic, first time doing any modeling

just explored various parts of the options of the toolbars, varying and transforming the object in scale/location, doing my best to match up the shapes to look like they rest on top of one another.


Its a pretty simple thing, but this is what i made for the challenge. its just a mace like weapon.


Sitting across from an armchair at my grandparent’s house so I did a super simple version just to get used to controls… could’ve done a bit more calculation to make things fit better but I was already pretty far into it by the time I realized that so I just kept on moving.


Okay that’s honestly really impressive. I’m a huge lotr fan so I appreciate this. Thank you


Haha Well there it is my first Blend!


Everyone’s work here is Awesome! Lot’s of skill in one classroom. This is what I came up with… I got a bit carried away and off subject, but all the objects are there!


Everyone made really cool stuff! Here’s my lamp.


as master ask…here it is…


So much funnnnn.
A little bedroom sidetable, lamp, and frame – Front view is accidentally the back!


My Lesson 11 Section challenge:


My End of section challenge.


One more:


this is fun


Not 100% sure what it is, but I got to play with some cool shapes at least!


I really liked the posted creations!

Here’s mine. A bit simple but gets the job done :slight_smile:


looking over some of these creations, makes me realize that I have a lot to learn.


It reminds me of a chess pawn in it’s own way. Cool!


I have seen great works. That’s my little train :slight_smile:


My first tower :slight_smile: