Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



Though I managed to create cube, cylinder & cone and perspective, ortho, front and top views, my creations look bit primitive :frowning:


While I was heading for a castle, I ended up creating a kind of emporium :smile:


I tried a lot of things and got to do a room? I don’t know xD


I just did the bare minimum :joy:



Hi guys! :grin:

By way of introduction: I am a complete beginner, a total novice, who purchased this course in hopes of being able to create stuff for videogames and maybe even manage an animated shortie someday.

Here is my challenge image. It is the most ****tastic thing I have seen on this thread or anywhere so far but I am posting this image precisely because of that. I hope that if someone, who feels daunted by all the fun and yet (let’s face it) kind of advanced looking images in this thread sees it, they feel reassured that there really are other absolute beginners here too. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s getting late in my corner of the world now but I think I will tackle this challenge again tomorrow. Seeing all of the great images in this thread helped me see what is even possible -those ideas are novel from my POV. So thanks for posting them here. Seeing other students’ work really helps.


Hey fellow newbies,

Here’s my very first attempt at Blender for the section challenge.

It might seem a bit lame, but the Hills Hoist clothes line is something of an Australian icon (and central to a rather popular drinking game).

Being highly symmetrical in geometry it was a challenge to have everything line up perfectly, but allowed me to practice with the coordinates and locking to a certain axis during transformations.

One question I have (if anyone reads this), is when rotating or scaling along an axis with S/R -> XYZ and using the mouse, it would rotate or scale differently if I did the same transformation for the same axis in the sidebar (not sure what it’s called, toggles with “N”). So if I pressed S -> Y, it would stretch in the same plane as using the Z axis slider in the side bar. Does anyone know why it’s different?
Edit: it only seems to be the case when objects are grouped together.

Happy Blending!


Nice creations you guys have made! I made a little house, not to complicated but it got the job done.


Hey @Calvin_Cosmos, I really love how you organized your viewing windows. I am gonna steal that from you :wink:




hers’s a very cuboidal and non functioning race car :sweat_smile:


Probably the words worst Blender person. :smile:


Went a bit overboard probably.


Oohh I love this. It reminds me of a child’s toy. It is really quite clever.


So, I tried to copy Minas Tirith from my head…

…and here’s view.


Chooo choooo!!! I’m pretty pleased with this. You may try and offer constructive criticism but I think you’ll find this train perfect in every way!



End of Section Challenge:

Create a Cube, Cylinder, and Cone.
Place these on top of one another.

Create 4 3D Editor Windows.

Persp, Ortho, Front, and Top.

Take a screenshot and share in Discussions!


Here its my attempt to make a bottle