Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



My simple chess piece :smile:


Here is three tree :slight_smile:



it’s my work for today :slight_smile:


Just finished the challenge and here it is. Couldn’t resist using Suzanne as part of it when I saw her in the mesh list. Not sure how I managed to get everything edited sideways, but going back and rearranging it all seems like it would take forever. Now I know to pay more attention to those camera angles.


Hi, I just finished the challenge, tryed to make a wall and somehow ended up pilling cilinders and a familiar shape came to mind. Im loving this course, and making this as my first 3d model gave me some nice questions i want to find out the answers to, like moving things as a group, and other little details. thanks for reading and hi again everybody!.


Unlike many of you guys, I actually listened to the challenge and made one of each object… haha just kidding! Cool seeing all the stuff here :smiley:
Here’s mine:


Did something fairly simple because A) really sleepy, been going at the lectures 12 straight ones and its already 4am… LOL Plus I want to move onto the next one. Dig what the others have done though… Pretty insane


Hopefully I did this right I was just testing


Yet another castle, just some quick modelling …

Wow, scrolling here is rather inspirational in fact :slight_smile: seeing what can be done already with so little tools :smiley:


hey yay…

Didn’t quite get the angles needed for the wievports but there’s shapes and sizes :smiley:


Well mine’s not much of a thing but it’s a thing!


Mine is pretty basic. Some of you guys made great stuff!


Thats a good one :smile:


It’s awesome to see what you guys already create! Mine is pretty basic but I hope it will get better with time ^^
The course is amazing by the way!!


My little cone/cube/cylinder castle. Love seeing what everyone else tried out!


Just the basics for the assignment, now I’ll play a little.


Forgot to stack.


This is what I came up with in section 1. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:



hurdle jump with a surprise!!


Here is my Section 1 Challenge. I just started moving pieces around and decided on a children’s train.