Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



I never know how powerful blender is until now. I really want to dig in into this course for more :smiley:


Made a quick castle for the challenge, mostly threw it together cause why not.

In stark contrast, this is a human medieval city that I made while me and a friend were
working on making a Fantasy MMO like game. Took quite a bit of time making it, this was before I learned about duplicating stuff in Blender, ended up with lots of copies of materials that i didn’t want.


not much a i know… im gonna say it is a minimalist factory lol gonna have to up my game… you guys are all amazing!!


I’ve used Roblox Studio for quite a while, Blender feels very nice for a change though :wink:


Well my afterwork creepface, that is not a face. It’s awesome what some people do, after only those lessons. My practice is lifting his giant cube :smile:


Here is my first attempt in Blender

and yeah, keep up a good work everyone!


Haha! Hey guys! Despite me having prior experience with Blender, knowing a few complex operations, I took this challenge as simply as possible and now I’m slightly red-faced as I see these super creative responses!

So here’s my extremely basic car… What I didn’t expect was the small joy welling up in my body as I took things waaaay back to the basics, away from tricky geometries… I’m quite pleased, actually!


Some neat ideas here! I tried to keep to the instructions (almost) and just about designed a tank, for use in the Unreal course?


So, actually very basic stuff without spending more than 3 minutes and only due to the fact that I am eager to move on with further lectures, and since I already did something before in blender i really wanted to get to next lesson asap…but I have to mention…seeing some of creations here I am embarrassed a bit :slight_smile:


And yet another end of section challenge post appears!

And uploads properly on only the third attempt! Huzzah!


My first building


My first attempt for 3D modeling. Awesome program and instructions so far!


so I got this far with the shapes, I feel like I could have done more, something I wanted to ask is how to snap the cursor to the edge, so when I would scale i scale from the face and not the center, or snap the face to an edge to lign them up. another question was how can i scale one side of the object and not the whole object. but maybe i’m getting ahead of myself.


A morning star of a fearless barbarian.


The extra things are some sand balls and a floaty :sweat_smile: This was fun!


this is amazing! I want to try and do this!!!


A wannabe race car :sweat_smile:


really simple stuff compared to what others have done.


I made one of my dog into a robot-dog!!!
I enjoyed this part soooo much could not wait getting to it in my free time!!


It is good and it does not matter if it is simple or not, what matters is that you learnt things and most of all that you enjoyed yourself. I know I DID and A LOT!