Rat Race video; book and game about 70% done

Here is a demo, this time with narration.

Note, narration was a challenge. My plosives were explosive for the microphone so I ended up recording in small sections, because my concentration wasn’t enough to go on for a while without exploding. One made it in anyway and I Audacity’d it out. So, my lesson learned, eat the microphone and almost whisper into it.

I used Windows Movie Maker (the full (free) version, not the App Store “toy”) to add the narration, but used audacity to record the narration clips, and I used OBS Studio to record the video (all free). The microphone cost a bit, but I can’t remember how much–I bought it back when I had a job :slight_smile: . It’s a Yeti Blue.

I used Audacity to synth all the sounds (the book in progress explains how) to avoid copyright issues. The title screen was actually mocked up in Blender. The bad news is, with that title screen, the description and high score screens look lame, so they need improvement.

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