Draft: book on building the Rat Race classic 2D arcade game in Unity 2017 (the draft is free)

Related to this post from April: Rat Race video; book and game about 70% done

The link above to academia.edu will require you to sign up (free) before looking at papers. The link is a direct link to the draft of the book. Press the Download button to get the full .pdf viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader or various other .pdf readers. In addition, you should eventually be able to read it online through the ScribeD window (though the automatic conversion is still in progress…and I don’t yet know how badly it will mangle the document!)

The book is 375 pages(!)—it is intended to be complete for building the game, polished, though not quite in the draft. Also the links to online code in the draft used a beta version of Unity 2017 so there are issues: suggest retrieving individual files from the repo to fix individual inadvertantly-mangled files instead of checking out an entire state of history because it probably won’t work right.

The book is 99% complete (remembering that with things like this, the last 1% takes as much time to complete as the previous 99%). E.g. the publishing chapter is very sketchy.

This book is a good follow-on to this Unity course, though technically, it only assumes you know how to program.

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