Original character(s) 3D Models

Model completed around 12/18/23:

I keep telling myself I’ll get back to my courses soon, but I’ve been having a lot of fun refining what I’ve learned too. Just wanted to share this ‘emo skunk’ dog design I made! I’ve got a set of four of them. The growth is crazy! I’ve just got to texture paint the other three designs and I’ll share those over the next couple of weeks. Really think this cute model hit all the points I wanted it to :slight_smile:

I finished the first a few months ago and came back to retopologize and remake the model finally. Old model finished around August 23rd:

Comparison to mesh:

Something Grant said in one of his older youtube videos clicked with me - the difference between trying to make something Low poly and make something Mid-poly. I also feel like I understand a difference in how you want to start something based on what your goal is going to be with it. I’m excited to get into Mid to high poly work and sculpting more again soon.

Thanks for your time!


Beautiful work!
Could be 3D-Printed

… Yes, there is much power in low poly designs!


Love the feel, beautiful work.


I have been re-focused on learning to Rig properly this week and found an AMAZING tutorial that I just had to share. I did not understand that Rigify was modular and that you could use Sample sets of bones that they’ve put together so you could create your own rig of ANY creature.

I built this rig using the rigify sample sets of bones. For some reason the ‘super spine’ with tail and head does not work, I had to delete them and re-add the spine and tail, not sure why.
I was able to create the rig for my character so that he works great. Obviously unfinished, but I had to act on what these videos teach to be sure I understood them, and gosh am I glad I did because it really helps pinpoint the spots that are problematic. The videos are a little old, but the lessons can still apply to at least version 3.6.1 which is what I’m still using, but he’s also updating lessons for Blender 4.0. Hope it could help someone else potentially too! I’m super happy to feel more confident in rigging.


Thanks for the link to the tutorial, and I see CGDive has quite a few more tutorials on this subject.

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The paid ones are super cheap in my opinion. This video series is 17 episodes long currently, though they are fairly short too, there are at least 3 videos I would recommend should be watched. Just the first half got me to where I am with my rig.


That’s definitely encouraging. :wink:


Wanted to share some animation practice I’ve done with the emo-skunk dog character I created a couple months ago. I am starting the Alive animation course and finishing Grant’s animation course here at gamedev over the next month or two with some free time. Very excited to share what I’ll get to make.

Emo Skunk Dog Adoptable (Animation practice) (youtube.com)
Let me know your thoughts on the animation practice if you get a chance, any feedback is always appreciated!

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Your animation is looking pretty good, but there is something distracting about the front legs/feet. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it doesn’t feel like it’s Digitigrade.

I think that it’s because the feet are too stiff; The bottom of a dog’s front foot can easily touch the lower part of the leg it’s attached to.

After looking at some reference (youtube), I think that it might have something to do with the fact that the upper body of your Skunk Dog isn’t moving as much as I’d expect it to; in the reference, every time the dog’s leg goes back it looks like it pulls the chest back with it a little.

Maybe making its feet point all the way back when it picks them up to go forward would help.

I hope that something I said helps you out a little


Thanks so much for a beautiful reference video! It will be used very soon :slight_smile:
The notes are always appreciated. I’ll be continuing courses and improving the posts above over time, I hope you’ll get to see some of them in the future as well.

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Too, me was the movement of the paws and the floor (grass) movement
The underground doesn’t match the body movement.

Animation is hard!
Blender has planned to modify (highly) the animation process. All will be motion layers.
Planned 2025 I believe.

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I shared a frog project I have in progress a couple of weeks ago now, and due to a broken tablet and a lot of procrastination those manage to still be unfinished. I did manage to within a week finish this model of a Cat Chef though! Following the reference and style seen in the 2D art, I tried to recreate it as seen.

Finished 04/25/24

Reference and character/game concepts belong to Siphon Games on Instagram.
Siphon Games (@siphongames) • Instagram photos and videos

More practice following concept arts provided. Blue frog and personal character (Sister seen above) remodel are top priorities to finish asap. Thanks for your time, feedback is important.


Cool! It feels like the hat might be angled a bit too far back, but we all know that’s just because of the blue rat under there pulling the strings =)


Minus the hair, I’ve remodeled my original character ‘Sister’ finally. Finished around let’s just say 05/08/24.

My tablet stopped working, so anything I have in progress that needs texture painting has taken a huge procrastination pill that I’m trying to get over. You might be able to tell Sister’s textures are pretty low quality, but I’m really happy with his mesh. Sadly, with all the blender updates I have to re-make his rig from scratch. Good time to freshen up the skills.

Wanted to see if I could rework his model into a hyena character I have in the same story as him, this ones name is ‘Gemini’. What do you think, is it giving hyena vibes?

Will continue work on: texture painting the frog-scouts outfits ( see original project progress here ), Anime character course, and Gemini’s model. I’d like to pick another quadruped project to complete after these.


Grant Abbitt inspired me as well. He has a really comfortable learning pace in his courses. I’ve not put much thought into character creation. I will start creating concept art and focusing on character development as my skillset grows. It’s persona reminds me of the wolf Honest John in Disney’s Pinocchio. Maybe dishonest, deceitful and conniving, but all the characteristics of a vampire.


I’m taking part in Art Fight this year, which if you haven’t ever heard of it, I really encourage you to look it up. You can join a team and draw other people’s characters for points. It’s all just for fun, and you see a huge variety of character types, art styles, and mediums.

I am hoping to do as many characters as possible in 3D during this time, and trying to mix my 2D skills with it where I can. Below are some of the Art fight ‘attacks’ I’ve made in the past weeks or so. I will make a separate thread regarding strictly pixel art in the future, below are images that included some elements of 3D or were entirely 3D.

Characters named “Smiley” a smiley face character, and “Jester” a jester hat character

Character named “The little guy” purple monster with one eye, and a striped scarf.

Character named “Filix” anthromorphic feline, 3D background, and a base mesh was placed. I then painted on top of in a separate program for 2D drawing.

My character Zatch, a black and rainbow monster, this was made just a couple days before July.

Below are just two under 1-hour character creative studies I’ve been trying out.

Punk Dog

Tuxedo Cat

Thanks for your time and viewing. Let me know which characters or scenes you like the most so far.


I like the last two characters, the cat and dog.
Because they are consistent in cartoon style.
I think because the lack of an environment.

Sounds sort of like a mass-collaborative game jam for artists. Cool! Also…

I’ll now have that theme song stuck in my head for the next eleventy-million years, so thanks for that XD

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