Frog project

This project is a work in progress currently as of 03/26/24 still, but I’m at a point I’m really happy with and would love to share so far.

I asked a friend for a prompt, and they just said ‘frog’ so I’ve chosen a few concept art pieces to try and model of frog characters. The first two were drawn by Jerome Jacinto around 2017. I’m really happy with how they’ve come out so far, and I’ve sketched up an environment piece I plan to create and pose them in. I would still like to texture paint their armors and plant-clothing, but otherwise I think they are complete. I’m blocking out the environment scene and am super excited to share it soon.

Based on concept art done by Jerome Jacinto , please take a look at their incredible work.

I colored the two in the back with no outfits using geo-nodes for some fun. Discovered a golden dart frog and thought it would be a fun pair to the blue dart frog. I couldn’t find a real-life frog to compare to the yellow/white one that was made.
I look forward to any feedback or thoughts so far. Thank you for your time.


That leaf clothing is a cool idea! Are you thinking of adding those “herring bone pattern” veins to it as seen in the concept art?


Yes, texture painting the leaves and chest plate on the blue frog at minimum is my consideration currently so that I can match the patterns in the original concepts. Bit of a challenge to see how closely I could match the concepts I’ve picked.

Wish I was more creative myself, making characters is tough. I hope this character was used for some kind of project! If you check out Jerome’s page, they have a little more artwork of the blue frog. Just click the link in my post and then click the subtitle ‘character design’ on their artstation.

Wow. Yeah, doesn’t surprise me to see he did the stuff for Tooth and Tail

Hm. Well, you might find some inspiration here:

Doubts are meant to be disproven =)

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Now that it’s been three months :sweat_smile:

I am finally reinvigorated to finish these projects and have new perspective on the scenes I wanted to make with them. Here is the first blue frog completed. I am very happy I waited for a Tablet to do the texture painting. It turned out much better then when I was trying with my mouse.

I am determined to have the White frogs outfit texture painting completed by Friday evening at the latest, but I may be able to after work today since their outfit is simpler.
I really love how they look personally, please let me know what you think.


These are actually cool, I would to put them into some sort of game.

good job!

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Very nice job on these frogs! The textures look wonderful. Hope to see them posed and rendered. Great project!

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I did finish the white frog texture painting though I forgot to share it since work has been kicking me hard

Any thoughts on the lay out I was thinking of going for here below? I’ve been stuck on the composition/lay out of the fishing scene I wanted to put these two in. Just starting positioning/block out below to be sure it’ll be angled right. They still need some weight painting.

add some foreground plants at the corners/bottom edges, fish in the water with some small lily pads/plants in it as well, and some fishing supplies next to the frogs.


These both look great!

I think it will be easier to judge angles, etc. in the final composition once some of the props are in place. At the moment, the white frog’s headdress leaves give the impression (to me) that it’s sad about something, and without the fishing poles, it sort of looks like the frogs aren’t on speaking terms at the moment XD

This will, of course, completely change once the scene is fleshed out a bit more =)


This does bring up a good point. Fleshing out the story of these two. Right now, they have no facial expression - which, being frogs, probably makes sense, but it would be nice to see a story unfold. Who are these two? Why are they sharing a lily pad together? Are they friends? Rivals? Perhaps thinking about these things will give you ideas you can use to convey the story. Also, once you know who they are, the story you are trying to tell, you can even light the scene to add to the story.
But if I haven’t said it before, wonderful job on these models and textures. These characters look great which is why we are excited to give you unsolicited ( :rofl:) advice on how to improve the characters and your scene.


It is solicited tips; I appreciate them greatly! Getting other people’s thoughts on works in progress or concepts has always been a huge assistance for me in making the piece better.

After reading both comments I had the idea of the white frog starting to catch a fish distracting the blue frog, who would then have his pole pulled out of his hands suddenly. The following splash distracting the white frog whose pole is either broken or lost as well.

A still image in progress for the idea, and maybe in the future a short animation showing off that concept. Thanks again for the advice so far. I’ll continue to share WIPS as I continue to add in more elements.


I sense a one-off comic strip in your future ;D

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Progress for the day, will add and tweak more tomorrow :zzz:

I never know what to do with the background behind my 3D characters,
Thinking the fish under the water will need to be done in 2D since my water is not transparent to show anything under/inside of it.


Not sure why, but the first thing that came to mind was Wind Waker’s creepy moustached fish popping up behind the two frogs and secretly blowing a taunting raspberry at them. Something like that would work with opaque water (maybe even better than translucent water).

For something a little less silly, maybe an inanimate object is what you’re looking for, like a reed raft, dock, etc… Just throwing some ideas out there =)

And really, there’s enough plant life and specular stuff going on across the periphery that you could probably just leave it if you wanted to. The scene certainly doesn’t feel empty or under-filled in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with it!

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Fantastic adjustments and additions! This scene tells a story. Wonderful job! Did you rig these characters? If so, I recommend wrapping their fingers around the poles more as it looks like they aren’t holding them now. But this is nit picky at this point. Way to bring this scene to life!

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Ok why are they fishing?
Frogs do not eat fish. (well rarely)

Both frogs and toads eat a lot of beetles, bugs and woodlice. Frogs will eat a large number of slugs and snails, whereas toads favour ants.

Just gives you an alternative hunting party scene option!
In extreme cases they have been known to eat a mouse.

Frogs spend very little time in ponds, only using them to breed, lay frogspawn.

Obviously yours are invented great characters and can do whatever they like!

Edit, one I made earlier.

:grinning: :frog:

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I will not be returning to these further. The images above will be the final images created; the environment piece will remain incomplete.

Thanks for following along with this project everyone!

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