NetDriverCreateFailure on ServerTravel and ClientTravel in Shipping Build

When I create a Session and then ServerTravel to a Map listening the NetDriver Creation fails.

The same things happens on the client that finds the session but on clienttravel it tries to create the NetDriver, fails, and stops traveling.

This happens on NULL Online Subsystem and Steam OSS.

Any ideas about what’s going wrong are appreciated

Which version of Unreal are you using? I have seen a number of issues with Unreal Engine 5.3 relating to exactly this and have yet to find a solution.

I‘m using version 5.3.2, jep.

And OS?

Windows 11

Ok, First, if the OSS is set to null, ensure you exit steam. Also, if this is using the menus, this doesn’t seem to work right inside the editor so you need to use command-line to work correctly.

Ensure you have deleted binaries and Intermediate folders.

Check your code against the end of lecture as well to see if you’ve missed anything.
Re-watch some of the videos (probably last couple) to see if there was anything around blueprints.
Ensure the server name you are adding via blueprint is identical (case matches, no extra spaces and so on)

Give all this a try and let me know how you get on. Also, keep an eye on this thread as we are investigating: Connecting Works, Can't Go To Level
It doesn’t seem to affect everyone as I was able to create a 5.3.2 project but others cannot get it to work.

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