My Work From This Course

Here’s all of my work from this course for your viewing pleasure.

Chess Board:




Game Asset Pack:

Human Head:



love it all, favorite would be the diner and the lamp!


Thanks very much! I really like a lot of the stuff you’ve done as well!

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Wow… just wow… fantastic work here… I would be hard pushed to pick any favourites, very high level of quality work… well done David!!

@Michael_Bridges have you seen David’s work!

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Outstanding Work David!

I would love to feature this in the course itself if that would be OK?

Well done for really applying yourself and creating some amazing work!


Thanks Rob & Michael!

What can I say, you did a great job teaching me Michael. So thanks for that.

Feel free to use my work however you like. Let me know if your require any files or specific renders.

Thanks again.

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Wow. That is really inspiring. I started the course, but got distracted. Now I want to go back to it. So much I want to learn!


No words…

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Your work is the new banchmark in this course.


Thanks Amit.

That’s very nice of you to say. But, I saw tonnes of fantastic work in these forums that inspired mine. It’s all a collective benchmark of inspiration :smiley:

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I have moved our little discussion regarding the regular Blender collab to a new thread so as not to take over David’s show case topic :slight_smile:

5 posts were split to a new topic: Regular Collab / Showcasing of Work

I’m in absolute awe. :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley:

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Really good work!


Wauw outstanding!
How long did it take you?
Did you have any prior experience in Blender?
Did you make those final renders each time after the relevant section?

Sorry for all the questions, honestly amazed by it all!
Here I am struggling to even complete the lamp section

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amazing work! congrats.


Thanks Kimset, cocoazenith & Icezman!

To answer your questions:

1.) The whole course took me about 5 weeks (ish), but I am fortunate enough that my boss allowed me to do the course during work hours as a part of my professional development.

2.) No, I don’t have any experience in Blender, but I do have experience in art/illustration and I am a UX/UI and graphic designer by trade so that helped.

3.) Yes, at the end of each section I output final renders, but not all of them were high quality. I didn’t really need them to be, as they were only being used on these forums.

If you’re struggling, just go back and start over, watch the course lessons again and follow it exactly until you’re comfortable enough to experiment and try out different things. It’s all about practice and doing things over and over again until you fully understand how and why something (a tool, a feature etc.) works the way it does. If you get stuck, google and youtube can really help bridge any gaps between what you’re trying to achieve and what you have learned.

I’m currently trying to get better at materials as it’s where I struggle the most. Since I’ve finished the course I’ve made two more models for practice using a material painting program for one and experimenting with nodes for the other. The results still aren’t exactly what I want, but I learnt a lot just by taking on the challenge.

Here they are:

I’ve just noticed that the wasps eye isn’t sub-divide/smooth shaded, d’oh!

Anyway, I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:



That’s truly incredible though!
Are you doing 8 hours of blender during those 5 weeks?
Sorry for all the questions, I’m still in awe and I can’t believe I could achieve the same visual quality as you in the same time (but I’ll try!!!).
I’m just finishing the lamp section so still a lot to go!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Most days I did 8 hours a day, yes. But I did also do some work in the evenings and on the weekends. It’s addictive once you start to get your head around it all.



Real good inspiration fuel :D! Thanks for the showcase and for the answers!
I’m starting today on the fluffy bunny! Any tips before diving in?
I also finished my first ever blender animation :D!


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