My RPG concept called STALLED is about a maintenance droid

Hi there everyone! :slight_smile:

Thought I should share my concept as well. I’d really appreciate your time to give me some feedback!


An Wall-e like maintenance droids flies along with a space fleet. When the fleet navigates through an asteroid belt the pod got hit by an asteroid and changes course due to a defect in the thrusters. It makes a landing on a nearby asteroid. The pod is leaking fuel (something like “Hydrazine”). On the asteroid the maintenance droid can gather some minerals/crystals to create a minimum amount of Hydrazine to get the pod flying towards a nearby planet (but it still needs to be repaired). Due to the damaged instruments the pod makes a crash landing on planet X (needs name). The ship is now heavily damaged and the droid most gather minerals (for hydrazine) and resources (for ship repair). The main goal of the game is to get off the planet and rendezvous with the human fleet.


Hydrazine (energy) is the main focus of the game. It is your endgoal to collect enough hydrazine the get away with the ship. It also powers the robot. The robot uses Hydrazine to recharge it’s battery pack. He uses it’s power for everything it does: rotating, repairing, constructing, movement, gathering resources etcetera. This creates some tactical decisions a player has to make during the game. The robot can construct a couple of constructions:

Ship related: fixing the damage
Droid related:

  • weapons (user energy from battery)
  • rechargers (recharge battery)
  • armor (increases weight, consumes more power over time)
  • defensive units (like turrets, require energy for constructing, require resources from mining or gathering from enemy droids)
  • mining equipment (for difficult to harvest resources)


  • Harvest droids: lots of resources, low defense, low attack
  • Scout droids: low amount of resources, low defense, medium attack, some Hydrazine (since they scout a lot)
  • Military droids: low amount of resources, medium defense (MK 1 - n), high attack, can unlock new technology (blueprints)
  • Main computer (end boss?)

How about (?)

  • holding on to the 2 min gameplay like in the RPG course and end each level with a random boss with random defense/attack stats, unlocking random blueprints for upgrades.
  • starting each round with a new “clone” of the player-droid. This can take a minimum of resources. The pod can create a new player-droid. When all resources are emptied the player needs to restart a game. Saving only needs to save the current state of the droid and resources/energy amount.

I’ve got a little more info about all but this encapsulates it pretty much. Hoping for some valuable feedback from you guys/girls! :slight_smile:



What a cool and original idea, @Rick_Davidson will be impressed

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@ben @JeroenBoumans Indeed I am! In the next section of the course we’ll be starting to flesh out a simple prototype level and adding some combat, I’m really interested to see how your idea blossoms into a game moment!

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Thanks @Rick_Davidson and @ben! I have to say I always wanted to create a game with this kind of theme but it was more some sort of a thought. This course helped me to get it on “paper” and work it out more. Im mapping it into the Mindmeister as well. I’m trying to see if I can apply the union design to the Mindmeister as well but I’m still working on that. Maybe Mindmeister ft. union design principles could be handy for the course as well? Just a thought :slight_smile:

Awww, robot RPGs. I just remembered how much I love those.

Okay, I think I’ve only played one. But I loved it.

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