My Modular Vehicles Progress Thread

This is a thread to track my progress through the modular vehicles section of the Characters course. (Previous Section)

I rounded the bits over the headlights to look a little like the car from our Western Motel group project from a couple years ago. Not sure If I’ll keep it that way, though. It might be fun to take the modularity one step further and have interchangeable pieces even for the parts of the body, but that is a bit much for now.

I also added a pickup truck in the back. Because 'Murica.

And here’s my tank. I tried to make it slightly less cartoony than Grant’s. I think finding the right balance of detail and keeping it consistent across the models is going to be important.

And here they are all together.

Still a ways to go. I’m impressed by how quickly you can make a lot of different things using this modular approach. I’m having a lot of fun, and feedback is appreciated, as always. Cheers.


You could go a step further and use geometric nodes …!


I haven’t studied those yet, so I don’t know how. But I’ve seen some really cool stuff with them, so I definitely want to try. In this case how would they apply?


I can’t say what FedPete had in mind, but you could put the pieces together, then randomly generate vehicles from the pieces with geometry nodes.

This would be a fairly good project to get started with, because you can get familiar with the index system without having to do anything complex.


Very nice progress there. I really had fun with that section.

I think the purpose of this section is a refresher in using basics of Blender really. But the geometry nodes idea that FedPete proposed is really cool “homework” if you want to venture out of the course content. I think the easiest way to use geo nodes is actually that: assembling stuff from parts. I done it with some weapons and it wasn’t too complex :slight_smile:


@zeRgenTa @bOBaN
That sounds perfect for this! OK I need to check this out ASAP. Any particular tutorials you recommend?

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It’s not quite a tutorial, but it guides you through the basics of geometry nodes with puzzles, that give you a limited amount of nodes to complete a given objective.


Hell yeah. Thank you!! I will check this out as soon as I can. :metal:


I tried these. They’re really fun! I love the puzzle format.

I need to study more to really understand the concepts behind the nodes, but I think these would be great practice for someone who has already learned nodes a bit. Once I have done that, I will come back and see if I can do these from scratch.

Thanks again!


No problem, I’m glad you liked it!

I hope it gave you some idea of how to put the pieces together.

I wish I could have recommended a tutorial that was more applicable to the needs of modular vehicles, but most of the tutorials I’ve watched, have been more abstract in nature.


That’s OK. I think the basics are there. It’d basically be instancing objects/collections at certain points, right? I’m taking a break from this section to study “Geometry Nodes from Scratch” on Blender Studio. It’s good so far. I’ll be able to say more when I’ve progressed more.

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Good vehicle set.
Not so sure on geo nodes being that useful, random parts put together, tends not to be how things are designed for cars or war vehicles!


Yes, you are probably right. They don’t just slap random pieces together haphazardly in those situations. But it’s something I’m interested in anyway, and given the modular nature of the vehicles, I think it dovetails nicely.


I haven’t looked at this course yet, but I’d assume so. The tracks on the tank will be a little more work, if you want to be able to change its length.

Have fun!


Look up tutorials for buildings created with geo-nodes. It randomized but also structured (modularization).

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Here’s my foray into geometry nodes so far.