Quad-Laser Walker Mech: Beginning the Characters Course

Walker mech work in progress.

I’ve had this course for a while, but never got around to starting it. I was trying to finish the C++ UE5 course before doing this one, but this one was just calling to me. My goal is to keep doing them side-by-side, but we’ll see how that goes.

I kept my design pretty close to Grant’s, with just a few minor changes: Most notably the quad laser cannons and making the lower legs into two separate beams with a gap in the middle. Here are some alternate angles:

I’m loving this course so far. Grant has a great way of explaining things in a perfect level of detail. The basics are covered in the Complete Modeling course, but I still learned some new things–like the shear tool! (ctrl + alt + shift + ‘s’)–and it moves pretty fast so even the basics aren’t boring for someone who has already studied them.

Thanks for looking. Like I said, it’s still a work in progress, but I always appreciate feedback!


I’m thinking you’ve got it spot-on. Your Walker Mech is looking very good, and he’s in my favorite color. :wink:


Yes, that color is cool. It it one of the choices when you use “mat cap” in solid shading mode. So I was just using it as a place holder. Here is the current color scheme:

Kind of reminds me of the Hazardous Mechs from Into the Breach, possibly my all time favorite game.



Looking a nice and clean mesh.

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Thanks! My current process seems to be:

  1. Make basic mesh
  2. Add detail
  3. Get carried away and do too much
  4. Scale it back

I’m almost always happier with it after I’ve taken out unnecessary bits.

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Here’s the final video render.

I will definitely come back later, animate this bad boy, and bring it into Unreal.

This was a really fun section. I’m loving this course so far!

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