My final render .. but not the last ;)

This will be my last contribution to the course as a student. I did it all and it cost me more than a year to finish this Blender 3D course. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot. But with this last piece of work, I’m still a student. And I wanna share some experience with this final lesson.

270 CGI / VFX Final scene.

Some notes

My first attempt to solve the motion tracking, resulted in 1.029. Which was nice indeed. But it had some glitches at the beginning and end of the video. The same thing Michael showed us how to solve. But trying to solve it, made it worse!

I had two markers, which weren’t always visible in the footage. Exactly on the moment where the glitches occurred. I removed them and added some new ones. But then the solve factor went up. Tried to fix it. But still hick-ups occurred on other moments.

After the final render I see strange things happening with my ground plane (to receive the shadows).

As you can see the ground plane, does not follow the horizon of the video clip. For the end result (see video) it did not matter. Rockets are flying. No fixed object(s) on the ground.

Then I saw that my ground plane wasn’t aligned with the __tracking markers __. Which Is strange, because I aligned them, as instructed by Michael. I think, they shifted (realigned) by removing and adding new trackers.


As you can see, the markers are aligned very strangely. As if the camera is looking under them. Not sure why.

I think, I was more busy learning how to created smoke trails (very interesting stuff, see Blender Tutorial I Ink Drop in Cycles ). Then checking all the stuff, with a quick render run… Also lesson learned (again :wink: )

I need to do this lesson again in the future, because I like the possibilities for funny home clips with my family.

Happy rendering, I will stay in this community. I like it.


PS. I started this course more that a year ago. Of course not following the lessons every day (mostly weekends). In those months I created the following video clips, seen at Pete’s video archive.
Maybe you get inspired, like I do when seeing other peoples work.


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