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I kinda like the idea of votes being limited. Just wanted to share that this is definitely also a very handy idea, as I thought maybe the “devs” not only look at votes but also on how many responses a topic gets. I’m pretty happy with the votes I spent so far or I would take them back. Not sure of a way to improve the system myself actually. You could close topics after a certain amount of time, but others just might create those again later as they have the same idea. Asking users to close their own topics might also lead to no topics closed as the topics creators are surely still wanting to have those topics covered…
Thanks for your presence and contribution Rob!!


Hi Oli,

Yeah it is good that the votes are limited, otherwise it would make them a little pointless. You also earn more as you move up through the trust levels within the community, so the more you participate, the more you can participate etc.

I suppose what I meant was, some of these topics have been here for quite a long time now, and because people tend not to always perform a search, or even scroll through, you tend to see a lot of duplication. I feel that the topics in this category, certainly ones passed a specific amount of time could perhaps do with summarising and then closing, a mopping up of any duplicates could also be beneficial. Ideally, this kind of housekeeping would be performed regularly, perhaps every 3 months. Perhaps the team could use these topics put forwards by students to get a feel of what is being asked for, and then create one topic themselves which would then be the ones voted on. These could be pinned so that they remain at the top of the category view and with community members votes freed up from the singular topics, they could then spend them on the more official ones. I don’t personally see the value in having half a dozen “Unreal Multiplayer” (for example) topics, with votes spread to the wind across them all instead of one main “Unreal Multiplayer” topic, which students then vote on. Ideas from all of the individual ones could be summarised (and linked to) within the main one.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Good thoughts as always. Do you know a way of merging posts here?


Relies on manual intervention.


Hey guys… how is this coming along? I haven’t been following any news regarding this, so, is there a course in the horizon?


Thanks for asking @age401. This is high-up my passion list, and now Blender folks are asking @Michael_Bridges for maths relating to the node system and procedural generation. We’re going to take all the course ideas here more seriously this year, and create a process by which you guys can make sure what you really wants gets created… probably by pre-purchasing.

Thanks for your patience


Hi Ben,

That’s great news. Also, I’m not necessarily waiting for that particular course, anything from you guys I’ll probably buy (Unity / Blender / Theory related), so don’t worry.

I was just checking my subscription preferences to make sure I get notified of your kickstarters.

Keep up the great work!