Maths for Games - A Fresh Start for Mathematics


Here’s a copy of the layout I am more familiar with, through my son’s work etc…


I have seen the kids told to also make a number line (possible not the correct phrase), but for example, where you are dividing by that 9, they would list all the multiples next to the question, e.g. 9, 18, 27, 36 … then they can just count the number of multiples before they get to the number they are trying to see how many times it will go into.


Yeah had to learn the numberline too but the school seems to have dropped that now.
The image you posted is exactly how i learnt division but being told long division is done differnetly.
Its all good they have set my daughter back to the appropriate year now but i still have that coming in a years time.
I have 1 year to prepare :smiley:


That’s known as short division. Long division is a different method of working out division by hand

9 doesn’t fit within 8, so we use the number to the right as well, giving us 88.
9 does fit into 88, 9 times (81), 9 gets put above the number.
Times the result (9) by the divisor (9) and write the result below (81).
Draw a line and then subtract the initial number (88) from the new line (81) and write the result below the line (7).
Bring down the remaining number from the initial number (7) so you get 77.

Now repeat the steps.

9 fits into 77, 8 times (72) so now put 8 on top.
Times the result (8) by the divisor (9) and write the result below (72).
Draw a line and then subtract the initial number (77) from the new line (72) and write the result below the line (5).

That’s your remainder, or you can go down the path of working out the decimal by repeating the steps…till you get bored since it’s recurring :stuck_out_tongue:

It should now be clear why it’s called short and long division respectively. The benefit of long division is when doing larger divisions say 8568 / 35.

      244 r 28
35 / 8568

Another explaination:


I will buy this course if it starts with primary school maths :disappointed_relieved:


To create a maths course I need to provide you a playground that won’t age. I’m concerned that Unity or Unreal will be too old in a few years, despite the core mathematical content not ageing.

Godot gives us an opportunity to own the sandbox, re-brand it, and provide it to you as a small (under 30MB) download for many years to come.

You may not realise this but by backing our Godot Kickstarter, you will be supporting this future maths course in the best way possible.


I would love to have some practical Maths courses! It’s a subject that I’ve never been able to apply practically until I found programming but now have forgotten many of the core concepts because I have not been in school for over a decade.


How is this coming along and will you be doing the Godot version in the future?


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Has this been done yet? If not do it, Do, It, DO IT! :slight_smile:


Id like to know as well if this was chosen as a course to be developed.


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Anyway, I guarantee that if you do make a course on maths for game programming, I’ll buy it. Hands down.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


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Are you sure you need a maths course :wink: :smiley: (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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Thanks Rob,

Hope you guys make it. I’m a graphic designer and I’m getting into Unity as a serious-hobby. I enjoy the team’s work very much.

Keep it up!


Thank you Diego, that’s very kind and it’s great to hear you enjoy the team’s efforts.

I’m not actually an official member of the team, I just kinda loiter, try to help people and keep the place tidy :wink:


I had to sign up to this forum just so I could voice my support for the creation of this course. I am really enjoying my experience so far in learning C# for Unity and would love to take on a more technical course such as Math for Games once I’m done. What are the chances of this happening?


I know this was an old idea, but figured I would give it a vote. I would really like to see something geared towards 3D movement in respects to translation and rotation (see my post from today). Rotation being probably the most complex or needed.


I am out of votes but this one definitely deserves one as well!!! :smiley:


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