Manual vs Automatic Retopology

I will have to look-up more about manual but trying retopology for my human character has given me the impression that manual retopology is easier.

After having gone through the Automatic Retopo using Remesh and Modifiers I find that the manual way is actually better because it is cleaner. Less chaotic and thus less frustrating.

You simply extrude planes around your mesh fairly quickly and can connect them with Bridge Extrude.

It feels almost identical to the box modelling for the armour.
Perhaps though there are things to be done differently about it and I will have to look that up.


The voxel remesher topology don’t produce really good topology in my opinion. Instant Meshes or other blender addons make way batter job.

But If you find manual way is easier - that’s great. Manual (at least for now) should result in way better topology. I find manual retopo tedious and time consuming. If you don’t mind it - it’s great.


Came across this a few days weeks ago. Uses a free add on. I have not tried or used it as I tend not to sculpt but it might be worth a look. Manual retopology with assistance.


Very useful! Checking it out.
Thanks a ton!

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Everything I needed. I did a lot of things by hand, manipulation many vertices. This is a really helpful tool.