Low Poly Graveyard Game Ready Assets Pack WIP Thread

Just a little update from Unreal (for the “Essentials” free/cheap pack for Unreal): overview(s) map done. Plural as one is typical (boring) “factory floor plan”, and the other has asset placed in a more creative way:

It’s interesting challenge really to place assets without repeating them in such a way as to make something interesting… I will be keeping ‘factory floor’ as well, as some people might prefer that (I in general like them as they are simple).


I recorded very short video from this camera angle :slight_smile:


Depends on how smart you created those assets ;).
You can hide them partly to fill the floor, to overcome repetition.

To me, it looks good enough.

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Ah, I wasn’t clear enough explaining what I’m doing here. This is not about avoiding obvious visual repetition, but just “asset showcase scene”, i.e., a scene that shows all the assets you have in the pack in clear(ish) way. Not repeating assets here has a simple goal: to inform a person looking at the image, how many and what kinds of assets are there. Typically it’s done like:

I got feedback that this way is boring and not good for attracting interest. So for this small pack I tried creating it in ‘nicer’ way (I will include both ‘overview’ maps + a demonstration map, where I’ll repeat using the assets).

(Edit: I will not go back and do it for the released pack though… with 800+ different assets, that would be extremely tedious task to make ‘nice’ overview map)


Tweaking, tweaking, tweaking… Didn’t really liked lighting in that scene. And also, made sure that it looks decent in a bit older UE version. Viewport view from 4.26:

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How is it all going? Worth all the effort yet?

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Not yet :slightly_frowning_face:

Now we wait :slight_smile:

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And play in editor test for the demo map of this version:


I’ve just read this entire thread, And that’s an awsome asset pack you’ve made!! :clap:


oh, wow. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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And it got approved :partying_face:

Here’s the trailer video:

And here’s UE link: Low Poly Nature: Essentials in Environments - UE Marketplace

And some images (more on UE page):


Small update. Created ‘proper’ project for Unreal for the Graveyard pack release and started working on importing the assets there and building ‘asset showcase’ map (Unity has already ‘proper’ version). Still need to do some modelling after that, but I can see the finish line :slight_smile: . And while I’m at it I found some ways to improve some of the models (like improving geometry or UVs or lightmap UVs) - seems that even in simple low poly modelling one can improve in a year.

Here’s wip screenshot


Importing everything back to Unreal is sooo much work :sweat:… ~40h spent this week on that and still around ~150 models to do… It’s not only shuffling files around, but in many cases I improve models (mostly in terms of UVs), but that’s maybe 10%-20% of the work…

Just finished putting in gravestones:


Hi @bOBaN
To add what Medial said, take a look at Kai Zammit’s YT channel. Kai is a film maker, reacting and analysing game trailers and cut scenes, where he breaks down lighting, camera angle, framing, lenses, movement, use of camera shake, how to guide the viewer’s eyes, storytelling, etc.

I learned a lot from Kai’s videos.



Thanks for the link! Will take a look!

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While plowing through :wink: additional models I recorded this “behind the scenes” short video showing some variants for a burial urn:

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I tend to see your videos, I guess watching one gets more offered up to me by their ai thingimy. Was good showing all the bits of the broken pot are there! People can stick them back together again! :rofl:

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Thanks! And I’m adding more variants and “static” piles. Things that you can just plop in a level quickly without worrying about placing correctly individual pieces, stuff like that:

(that’s single mesh)

Will show the whole thing when I’m done with it.


I might went overboard a bit with urns… Here is what I did:

And with colors:

I made both base models, broken models and “piles” (collection of already placed models). The first ones are for fine control, the 2nd ones are for ease of use (you just place the whole thing in your level). Here are base models:

And their wireframes:

After modeling base models I prepared 'broken' variants

I was quite careful to keep quad topology for the broken ones:

I did it because of easier time with UVs (I just could have nice strips of quads everywhere). This is especially important on UE side, with static lighting. Even if UE5 went “all in” on lumen and dynamic lighting, it seems that quite a few people are still using static lighting (I asked on reddit^^).

And last, but not least, here are few piles.

And obviously, imported and set up on both Unity and Unreal side.

First Unreal renders

And Unity (from URP)

Seeing the above… I could probably release a separate “low poly urns” pack :sweat_smile:


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