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I have a few questions about this course and everything that will be covered in it by the time it’s completed.
1.Will this course cover the player gaining experience points and levels?
2. how to add other attack animations for like special attacks ect…?
3. a quest system? bars for player and enemy?
5. a despawn and respawn system for when enemies die and a time when they should come back to life?

This course has been by far one the best courses I have seen. Keep up the great work guys!

I got sidetracked working on my own project about the time the new RPG course was released. Did you guys do any work with pro builder or cinemachine for the new stuff? I’ve been using pro builder a bit for my current project and I really love it.

That would be cool, Sam! :slight_smile:
I check the course at least 4 times/day for new content I think haha I’m really loving it :slight_smile: explendid work you and Rick are doing there.

I am almost done with the course - part 4 of the old content (unremastered content). With regards to your questions

1.) I believe this will be covered in the second course ( theres video updates on YouTube that Sam touches on with regards to the the second RPG course )
2.) This is covered in the current course
3.) Sam has talked about this as well being included in second course (check the youtube channel )
4.) This is covered in current course
5.) not sure on this, but the stage were I am at… enemeies die and dissappear, if you die level reloads… there might be improvements in the later videos that I have watched. I am not sure.

What if I bought the course when it was a single course? Will I get the 1st and the 2nd part?

Would announcements on Udemy be an option for you guys? Or do you try to keep those relatively few and far between?

Create a thread on the forum! That way we can put it on tracking and it will pop up as a notification!

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We have a limit of 4 a month. Obviously we update the course more than that :wink:

I’ve created a video log post: RPG Update Log.

It’s closed to keep the noise down so if you subscribe you will only get posts from me and @Rick_Davidson.

Go subscribe!

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Yes to all except 5. Our game will have you clear levels without enemies respawning. But should be quite simple to add once you finish.

It was always slated to be a 2 parter so we haven’t changed that. You will also keep access to the old content so nothing is lost. We aren’t planning to give the part 2 to everybody for free but we will offer exclusive discounts.


Subscribed! :slight_smile:

Hi, do you have a link to your old content? Specifically I was looking for the stuff you did on art direction and that handy art design doc if I remember?

It’s all still there.

I just started the revised RPG Core Combat Creator (which is now Part 1, I assume). In the Architectural Overview you asked for comments on which RPG parts each of us would do first if they were all available. I would jump to the parts on Dialog, Quests, and Saving, if they were available, because I am currently stuck there on a 2D game that I am writing. I want to learn the other parts too, but those are what I would do first, if the choice was available.

I don’t need any more notifications from anyone (I’m not event driven) … Im happy to check back when its convenient


Agreed with update on thread as well as Facebook. Overall the new content is much improved from the original. Loving it so far! While it’s a disappointment to wait, it’s good work, but man, can’t wait for the whole course to be done. What’s the overall deadline for the new content completion? I’m guessing mid May?

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I know that parts 1 and 2 are progressing in parallel.
Is part 2 updated after part 1 is updated?
Or are you updating from another course I do not know?

Welcome to the forum! I hope you keep up the posting here.

They aren’t happening in parallel, part 1 is being remastered and when that’s done we will move on to creating part 2.


We don’t really know. There’s still a few months of work to go I’d say. This is because we are going to include stuff like saving that wasn’t in the original course.


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