I’m Alex, and I’m trying to start a career in programming,
so I’m hoping I can up my game with this course.


Hi I’m Matt. I currently teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in middle school. I’ve always had an interest in game programming and am taking this course to learn how to create some polished and professional looking games.


Hi, I’m Luba from Minsk, Belarus. Always wanted to acquire some skill in game designing so that’s what I’m doing here.


Hey All, I’m Daniel

I’m From Scotland And I’m Starting The Course Today



Thanks for the knowledge!


Hi All, I’m Saul. I am looking forward to getting my teeth into this unity course and seeing what I can create.


Greetings all. Glad to be getting back to software after 20 years away…


Hey Everyone!

Name is Emanuel and from London UK.

So…funny story I started the RPG combat course, only to realise I am a newb at the C# business, so am now starting Unity 3D, to get my knowledge on C# and hopefully finish both courses soon.

I am sure I will need help in the near future, so trying to add myself to discord and should be live with you all soon.

Speak soon!


Hi All

My name is Nur and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I’m an experienced animator but wanting to make the change over into coding. I’m loving the 3D Unity course so far and hoping to get into the industry on the programming side.


Hi everyone

I’m Daniel from London, looking to gain unity skills and learn from the beginning to hopefully proceed onto making games of my own.



I’m Daniel (seems to be several of us joining here recently). I have a little experience with coding but not with C#, so that’ll be new. Looking forward to learning it and making the games I have in mind.

Nice to meet you.



I’m Koen from Belgium.
Really looking forward to learn a bunch of new things with this course!


hi all, just doing what the course tutor says :))


Hi everyone! I’m from Pacifica, California. I’m a complete newbie, more or less, but I want to learn Unity to make VR.