I got these 3 errors and I have no idea why

I made it to the end of the video but was hit with 3 error messages. I could of sworn I followed along perfectly but I still have these errors, I even copied the source code but still can’t figure it out. If anyone could help i’d appreciate it_Updated Mon Jan 31 2022 15:42_

AFAIK basically speaking it means you either don’t have a navmesh or your agent isn’t on the navmesh.

but both my enemies and my player have nav mesh agents and mesh renderer

The real question is: Are the player and enemies moving anyways? This particular error message seems to be a non-issue in most cases, though usually I don’t see them stack quite so high. If your characters are moving as intended, then you can safely ignore this message.

Yea they are moving but after they die their bodies move when I walk/ run over them.

That’s actually a different issue altogether. Head into the Enemy’s Rigidbody and check the box that says “Is Kinematic”. This tells the game that the physics system should not move the characters.

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They never told us to use rigidbody in the lecture’s but I just tried it and it didn’t work, Still have the same problem

They’re moving around without rigidbodys?

Your enemy’s rigidbody setup should look like this:

what am I missing ? is it the saveable entry ? I don’t believe that came up in the lecture

You haven’t gotten to the Saving System lectures yet, so no SaveableEntity

So then what’s the problem ?

If the characters have IsKinematic checked, I can’t explain why they are moving when they are dead and you kick them.

oh well then maybe I can make them disappeared after I kill them or something. I still really appreciate your help, thanks a lot ! and ill let you see my game when its done :slight_smile:

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