How long does it take you to learn the course up to this point?

I enrolled this course like 3 months ago but I couldn’t still finish it, so how long does it take you to lean this course up to this final section ? and from 1 to 10 how master are you in term of mastering unity ? please give me your honest opinion. and does any of you have published game yet after finishing this course ?

I didn’t keep a record, but I’m thinking it was months, including going back and redoing some things I didn’t “grok” the first time (Grok–a Heinlein term, means to make it a part of you). I did have an advantage of having done much of the Unreal course first and Unity was a breeze by comparison! Likewise, doing unity helped me “get” unreal better.

@Todd_Vance can you scale it from 1 out of 10 how master you are now ?, I enrolled some other courses as well, in addition for this, that’s why I never get this course done. but the other course make me understand better about this course and Likewise.

Took me just over a year to complete, but that was me doing all the challenges and taking little breaks to compound what id learned in each section. Also going off on my own after each section and seeing what I could come up with on my own. And of course theres life / work etc so probably a few hours a week throughout.

I was doing alot of the unity tutorials and watching Unitys own training streams prior to taking this course, but I wanted a structure to learn, and I do feel that this course did do that for me.

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were you confident enough to start making your own game and publish it to app store having finished this tutorial?, or were you enrolling other unity courses ?

aye pretty confident after the course in putting together small games, just make them for my kids tablets / phones etc. but that style is my preference.

Havent released any per se, but thats a personal decision. I am working through the Blender course as well, so there was a little crossover there as I wanted to be able to make some simple prototypes as I went along.

oh–I guess I’d give it a 7. I still have to look up things like Animator versus Animation.

I’d say 5. After 3 months, I stopped midway through the bowling section and have sporadically watched the zombie runner videos and others.

Over the last year and a bit, I’ve spent more time using the course, YouTube tutorials, forum feedback and other materials to make my simple web based games. Nothing that I feel happy to publish onto the play store (don’t even have a play store account).

When you watch other YouTubers code unity games, they use a lot of complex coding and involve a lot of math too. The course was great to get me started, and made me realise I have a long, long way to go before I can consider mastering unity.

The more I code, the more I learn and appreciate how complex coding is. I’ll keep making short web games (most are incomplete), but otherwise, I’m focusing more on learning at the moment rather than aiming to make the next flappy bird or Crossy road.

I started this course after being introduced to the Blender Course. I took 3 months getting from the start to the end of Garden Glitch where I published my own version called Elves vs Snow Goons to the Google Play store. I took a break and worked on another project, then resumed the 3D game sections while simultaneously finishing my project. I think I took about another 4 months juggling my own projects with the last sections.

I am very new to programming in general, does any have a good place to learn more

I think I took about 5 months in total (but I had to take some breaks for work, life, reasons), but probably can be done in less time. I think the course is great to start from zero and it will give you nice tools to “defend yourself”. From 1 to 10 mastering Unity? When I finished this course I thought it was like 8, I felt powerful. But in the next few months I learnt a couple of extra advanced tricks and I have realized that Unity has a lot more features. So “mastering” is not easy, there is always extra miles to walk! Now I would say the mastering of Unity with this course is 6.5-7, BUT keep in mind that this is a Beginner’s Course, very complete, a great basis to build from here [one of the best courses out there, you learn a lot of stuff], but in the end you can’t learn 100% of Unity features! To be a Master you need hours and hours. I mean, this course is great, but the more you learn the more you realize you still have a lot more to learn!

My conclusion is: take this course. RECOMMENDED. I think this is great for beginners to take the initial contact with Unity, probably the best or one of the best tutorials for Unity beginners. But once you are finished, this is like “driving lessons”. You know how to drive, but you need hours of practise and real driving till you master and polish your driving skills like a pro.

My personal opinion: if you want to learn, make tons of games. After taking this course it is important to make more small games (complete them and publish them). You learn more from 1 finished project than from 5 unfinished games. You have a lot of free tutorials on Unity’s official site, both games tutorials and Unity features/programming tutorials. Totally recommended. The more games you do (tutorials), the more you learn.

As a final note: after finishing this course, I did this game 100% on my own (took about a week): [GAME] Memory Cards - Match Pairs Concentration game

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