[GAME] Memory Cards - Match Pairs Concentration game

This is my first Unity game for mobile, after finishing the Unity Course.

Memory Match (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DuqueKarl.Memory
PLAY and leave your comments! =)

It is a very basic game which took a few days or a week to complete. I had to learn how to save scores locally (it is a more complex way than the seen in the course. Not “PlayerPrefs”, but Serialization https://unity3d.com/es/learn/tutorials/topics/scripting/persistence-saving-and-loading-data). I also had to learn how to add AdMob ads (banner and interstitial) for monetization.

I really appreciate this nice course. I am doing small games now to “earn my wings” before jumping to big ideas and I am really excited about the future!



I liked it ! Did you do the art yourself? I’m currently fiddling with a card game myself and would be interested to see your architecture for the project :slight_smile: do you have a repository where I could see your code , or could you tell me in broad strokes about the architecture?

Hi Christoffer!

Not repository, but ask any question you like!

Two scenes: Menu, Game.
Game has a class to create the cards (basically an array of N cards. 3 rows x 4 cols = 12 cards = 6 pairs). Cards are created, then shuffled.
There is a generic function to place the cards centered in the screen (according to the level number).
Let the player click 2 cards, check if the number of the card is the same.

Cool, it seems to have worked out for you :slight_smile:
Did you use a grid of sorts to make sure the positioning of the cards would work?

My game is going to incorporate the concept of turns and multiplayer so I had to have a class to represent a Player. Further I created a TurnManager-class which communicates with the GameManager and controls the flow of the game and a DeckManager-class which manages a Deck-class containing objects of a Card-class.
I’ve only just started but I think this will be a good separation of concerns between the different classes and gameobjects :slight_smile:

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