[Help] Unable to play game via web browser

Hi Rob, Can you help me also? I have the same problem with them that I can’t play my game when I put it in the web server.

Hi Renzkie,

Sure, happy to help.

Let’s move your query to a new topic though so that it keeps things tidy, then, can you post additional information for me please.

Some things to consider providing information for;

  • does your game run without error within Unity? (view the Console for errors when running it)
  • if the game does error within Unity, please provide a screenshot of the error message and copy/paste the full script which the error relates to into your reply
  • if there are no errors, does the WebGL build process run successfully, again without error (view the Console for error after the build)
  • if everything so far is ok, does the game error when you run it within a web browser?
  • if so, please provide a screenshot of the error message

Give me a little more to work with and I’m sure we can resolve this for you.

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