Getting an Entry Point Not Found error

I am getting this error
I tried installing/reinstalling Visual C++ files, I’m currently using 2015-2022
At first, I had to install Direct X SDK which went fine
Then I had an error for steam_api.dll which I downloaded and added to my system32 and sysWOW64 folders which fixed it and built without a problem
but when I try to run without debugging I get the error above

Please help

Hi There. This is a problematic for many people and you can actually skip this. If you want to persevere, I recommend downloading the 1.53a version of the Steamworks SDK as it is very stable and easy to build. Otherwise, just move on. This used to be necessary as steamworks was not integrated with Unreal Engine but is now.

Also, have a look at this thread: How I got this working - Unreal Courses / Show -

same issue

Hi Lucas. See the link in the previous post. If you want, watch the video but skip the steps to get it building.

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