How I got this working

Step 1:
Open the sdk\steamworksexample\SteamworksExample.sln file from a fresh unzip, press ok on the upgrade progress steps:

Step 2:
Open up the solution explorer and then open up the SteamworksExample, right click on References > Manage NuGet Packages…

Step 3:
Go to the Browse tab and search for " Microsoft.XAudio2.Redist" = NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.XAudio2.Redist 1.2.6, select it and click the Install button (accept license etc…):

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 but search for “Microsoft.DXSDK.D3DX” instead: NuGet Gallery | Microsoft.DXSDK.D3DX 9.29.952.8

Step 5:

Build solution with F6 key.

you may get C1001 Compiler error:
Double click the error and it should open the file steam_api_common.h of line number 156 put a comment in front of it

Build again with F6 key, I get an error about the d3dx9.lib to fix this we find the path of this file:
Go to the location of your SteamworksExample.sln and a folder “packages” should be created, dig down to “Microsoft.DXSDK.D3DX.9.29.952.8\build\native\release\lib\x86” now copy this whole path including the drive letter and add to the properties pages VC++ Directories:

After this do a build (F6) and then a Local Windows Debugger (F5) to start the game.


Thank you for this :slight_smile:

Great work. Now I’m stuck at fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘kernel32.lib’. Any insight into this fix? People mentioned it might be something with the WindowsSDKKit.

I found the problem. When following the Direct X SDK tutorial i removed the original include files that came with the project. Now my includes look like the following:

Include Directories: $(DXSDK_DIR)Include;$(WindowsSDK_IncludePath);$(VC_IncludePath);

Library Directories: C:\Users\PC\Desktop\SDK 1.5\sdk\steamworksexample\packages\Microsoft.DXSDK.D3DX.9.29.952.8\build\native\release\lib\x86;$(VC_LibraryPath_x86);$(DXSDK_DIR)Lib\x86;$(WindowsSDK_LibraryPath_x86)

Thanks for your insight into the problem.


Excellent, this worked for me! Thank you sooo much!! :slight_smile:

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Brilliant! Fixed it for me too. Thanks buddy! =)

Thank you for this great guide

This worked for me! Thanks alot for this

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Thank you!!!

@beegeedee Would it be worth highlighting/pinning this post?

Thanks I got it working now as well. These steps, combined with suggestion to downgrade the SDK version from 155 to 153a, together did the trick. Saved me some time there, so thanks again!

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