For The Empire! Should or Shouldn't I be somewhat proud of the voicing? :D (Dragging x2 Bugs.)

I drag x2 buggs, so no shooting, and no TIE-Fighters YET.

Other Than that, I am super proud of the little story that I crafted here, what do you think?

edit: Couple typos: “I” for an “H” and “ExeKutor” rather than Excecutor.
edit2: Damn Youtube Icon… guess I will place the Radio portrait on the Left lol.
Note: I will probably continue with the course through the weekend and pile up all my doubts for when you are back @Rob :sunny:

Bug 1: Particles act wrong, so no Shooting yet.

Bug 2: Timeline: Can’t go from A to B with enemies, they get out of camera, while replicating A and B positions from player exactly, so NO X-WINGS yet.


Hey @Rob never heard back from you regarding this topic.

Is the reason that you guys are on hollydays during december or ?


Voicing was pretty interesting. I think that it looks great so far :slight_smile:

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@Emmanuel_Bolduc thanks! I am glad you liked it.

I had no idea you were expecting a response Manu, you simply tagged me and there wasnt a question, your post reads more like a status update.

I’m not really sure what you mean when you state you were going to pile up all of your doubts for me?

Who you are referring to?

Really cool!!

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Thanks! :smiley:

I would be proud! It’s great mate

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