I put aside my Circuit, created a timeline, and now Shot Particles don't follow

Quick Sumup:
Changed ship size, added Timeline: now can’t get bullet particles to be at the correct position.

Hey, so I changed my ship’s size in order to pursue the new approach of defending a huge star destroyer from a fleet of X-Wings, realize you are being outnumbered, hide behind an asteroid, then come back from behind pew pew etc…

The problem is that when I introduced the Star Destroyer, I decided to change my TIE-Fighter (Player ship) size, and thus had to do some tweaks on particles too.

It seemed an easy way to go, so I pushed forward and made the new timeline, which took me mostly the whole afternoon.

Anyway now that I started testing the size of the X-Wings to look good on screen, I realized that my guns weren’t shooting anything, or most accurately, they were but I couldn’t see it.

After some analysis (and it was hard to see because pausing the game causes the particles to disappear, I know this is gonna be fixed later in the videos) I think what’s happening is that the beams are traveling at a slower pace than the ship is moving, but sadly, increasing the speed of the bullets doesn’t seem to solve the problem, as the bullets look to spawn far away from the guns (or at least I think they do).

Edit: And also! My TIE-Fighter isn’t moving in a uniform fashion either, in case that’s relevant.

Hey @Rob this is the first problem I was refering too. Sorry for the confusion, I tagged you on the wrong post with links to the two problems.

This post refers to the first problem. Let me know if it clarifies.

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