Can't match player and enemy path



I am trying to have both my player ship and an enemy ship follow the same path, but somehow even copying frames A and B, during the travel A --> B enemy moves weirdly.



From frames A+1 till frame B-1

Is this a thing or am I doing something else wrong?

For The Empire! Should or Shouldn't I be somewhat proud of the voicing? :D (Dragging x2 Bugs.)

@Rob This is also something I need help with before moving on to next section, because if both this and

can be fixed, I would like to stay on this project a bit more to finish it (Use this new path with voices and 3D camera, and also shooting and explosions spawning correctly which failed in my previous attempt as detailed in the linked post).

Otherwise I will be doing other stuff and ultimately progress to section 4 in a couple weeks.
(Would treasure the knowledge… but would feel like missing out on sharing a complete build defeating part of the purpose of the course).


Hi Manu,

There isn’t anything in your screenshots or video that is of use to help diagnose the problem you are experiencing. As you are the only truly familiar with your project you will obviously understand what the issue, from your perspective is. Your screenshots and video do not convey any information with regards to your GameObjects, their Hierarchy, any components or any code - all of which could be potential issues.

You could consider sharing your project files and perhaps someone will take a look and may be able to help.

The forum will allow uploads of up to 10MB, if your project files (zipped) are larger than that you would need to use a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and then share the URL.


Hey @Rob here’s the full project as is now.

It would be super helpful to know why enemy ships (X-Wings) are so hard to place within the shot. I think I must be doing something wrong while rotating or else I don’t know. What do you think?


Hey Manu,

I’m very sorry, I lost sight of this discussion and appreciate several weeks have now gone by, my apologies.

Just to check, is this still an issue or have you resolved it now?


Hi Rob, everything is at the very same point.

I kept working on my personal project, debugging, reactivating systems and all, taking advantage of my current Unity knowlege. Soon I will stomp my face into the AI wall, so I will jump into next section.

To be honest I was super excited with the “Star Wars” shooter little project a couple months ago but after all this time the hype depleted to the minimum and don’t feel like finishing it for now. (i tecnically passed the course so… dunno, maybe for the best not investing more time in the shooter).

Nevertheless its “Una espinita que tengo clavada” for me, so if you were to review the project and identify the problem I would be super greatful, because Rob, Manu and rotation: …Didn’t learn how to properly do it, offseting all over the place.

In any case, I stay tuned while working on other stuff so please let me know if you happen to check that.


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