(finished) Modular design: Gas Station progress

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

This is going to be gas station store, fully built with modules!

The only thing that is most detailed right now is the front entrance

It’s not textured and detailed yet so right now it looks more like an acid trip then a building

Here’s a reference I’m using:


I’m aiming for the style similar to Overland’s, which looks like this

The final render will be an artwork dedicated to that game
Have a great day and see ya in the future :raised_back_of_hand:


Good idea for a different subject. Coming on well.


Continuing thread with further progress:

So after a few days of work I’ve finalized details for outside of the Gas Station Store:

I wanted textures to have a bit of “Dirtiness” since the scene is set in post-apocalypse but at the same time I needed to maintain indie texturing style
I think I succeeded for the most part but that’s subject to change:

These are mostly combinations of Noise -> Voroni -> ColorRamp nodes

As for the other stuff I made this lil’ gas pump station, which is not textured yet:

And a very WIP parking lot and road:

Should’ve blocked out whole scene in advance because now I’m having difficulties with making proper environment :sweat_smile:

Since it’s modular design workflow, this scene can be ported and altered in a videogame engine environment (at least I think so, haven’t experimented with that)

I’m really determined to make this scene a very high quality one
That’s it for now :raised_back_of_hand:


Oh and buildings on background weren’t made by me, they were exported from the game to save some time (May later replace them)

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Didn’t do much, improved parking lot:


Coming on really well!

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Greetings yet again
I bring you: progress
In these couple of days I directed my time to creation of various street props

First thing I got done is a propane fueling station:

It sure could use some decals
It’s decent enough for a lowpoly graphics style (maybe a bit too detailed at certain places) but it’s a bit boring to look at soooo…
I decided to destroy it:

Still tweaking this around, it looks pretty weird at some places
Not sure if it’s going to be used at all, future will tell

Alright, moving on to the other stuff

Some assets for the little park area:

Assets for trash bins and dumbsters:

And some garbage assets that will be later scattered around the street:

And some minor stuff

Gas fueling station is now textured:

The scene environment is blocked out:

Oh look I even found a use for my old mid-section challenge house

(Don’t mind the grid-looking road, it’s actually only visible in viewport)

Next thing on the to-do list is creation of abandoned vehicles and weird anomaly stuff similar to this:



Right now is a good time for me to take a break from Blender and focus on my other important stuff
Cya :raised_back_of_hand:


Small update
I’m currently busy, so I don’t spend as much time on this project for now
Right now on my to-do list is creation of vehicle assets, by now I got done only one:

The hood and doors can be opened with shapekeys:

(“Insides” are plain textures because I already spent more time on this particular asset then needed)

And oh my god, cars have awkward shapes! This one was a real challenge to create even though it is in low poly style!

Had to fight with topology for a while, in the end I really like the result

At some point I had to stop myself from adding more details, to save time and keep it low-poly.
Originally I wanted it to be shaded smooth with sharp edges, buuut it looked very weird, as if it’s somewhere in between low-poly and high-poly
Shading comparison:

Flat shading it is then

Even though result isn’t 100% what I wanted, it’s leagues better then my first attempt at a vehicle:

Okay, I probably talk too much, it’s time to wrap it up
See ya :raised_back_of_hand:


Hello yet again!
I’ve been busy since my last post
Been practicing Blender, learnt a lot of new techniques and now I’m much better at modelling!

However I didn’t spend much time on this project so there’s not a lot to show

I wanted to share this to keep myself motivated

First of all, new material for car1:

I think it looks much better and fits the scene more
The dirt texture was manually placed with UVs

It’d require me to edit UV of every other vehicle to fit it right, so I created a new one, where dirt is placed procedurally with the help of Gradient
New Car2 uses this material:

Take a look at topology as well:

Much more clean and easy to manage!
I’m genuinely surprised how experience of creating first car helped me with car modelling workflow, it took me a less then an hour to finish this model, unlike the previous attempt
Doors, hood, trunk can be opened as well:

And the last model is the Van:


Van took me even less time then Car2, I’m getting better at this surprisingly fast :thinking:
Van uses same material idea as Car2

Open-able doors, hoods and trunks are mostly for fun and practice then practical use

Alright, that’s it, leave what you think if you feel like it
Cya :raised_back_of_hand:


Final progress for the project:
More props:


You can find the artwork and difficulties surrounding it’s final render in here: Overland game artwork (Modular Gas station Project complete)

That’s it, this project is finally complete!