Final Chess Set: Bowling?

I said that I had a funny idea that I wanted to try for the Chess Set final project.

Let me introduce you to…

Chess Bowling?

The board has been modified for this combination game.

Rules (Still being worked out…)

  1. Each side sets up their pieces like in chess, but in a 10 pin bowling format.
  2. Only one Rook and three pawns. The rest are put off into one of the side piece holders.
  3. Each player may choose to move any of their pieces (note that some pieces are in-between squares.), their movements are based off of those in chess.
  4. Take one of 5 balls and place it on the line (white or black) of your side.
  5. Then each player may then gently flick one of their 5 balls against the other player.
  6. The goal is to hit the queen, but you get points for each one that you do hit (points based on 10 pin points).
  7. Players may then replace any hit rooks or pawns with any of the leftover ones.
  8. If the player manages to bring their queen to the center line…Checkmate.
  • I didn’t put in a middle line… maybe something to think about later.
  1. If a queen is exposed… Checkmate.
  2. If all balls are used, game is over, tied.

Rules are not tested, just something I made up on the spot to justify my silliness.

The most involved part of this scene was probably the surrounding gutter of the chessboard. I cut a cylinder in have and made it the right sizes. Then I used that nifty Spin tool round the edge to make it curl 90 degrees around the chessboard edge. Then I Connected the two sides, on the top and on the bottom. Then pulled out a portion of it to make it look like a box.

The Pieces themselves are the amalgamation of the Pin bottom mesh to the chess pieces mesh. The Legs of the Table are from the original board here.

Hopefully @NP5 will approve of the overall shape of leg and board :). The last one was a bit of a brick on sticks.


lol yes success, a funny idea.

The tricky bit is devising the rules!

The table does look better.

Somehow I think the chess moves need using more, and they have to be in squares or it can’t really work. Some sacrifice of the bowling pin layout.

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One could still use the 10 pin layout, simply keep them in the squares and not inbetween. It would make the layout off center, but would make it a little more “Chessy”.

Or one could go two lines of four (the backrow as is, and add another rook to the 2nd last row), then add another pawn in the first row.

The Chess pieces can move to center, but only in the way that they move in normal chess. The only issue is the Queen and the Rooks, both of which can move any amount. But if you expose your queen, she might get hit, or have a checkmate? Her movement would have to be diminished some.

The Rook, perhaps he can move to center, but only get in the way of the ball, not actually cause a checkmate?

Finally, One might be able to gain a lost piece back perhaps if they reach middle if no checkmate? I don’t know. Maybe only queen can checkmate at middle, the rest are to get in the way of the ball, and can be restored if a non-queen reaches middle (But has to start at the back).

Fun to think about in part because it is absurd :slight_smile:

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However, Off to the Animated Lamp section I go.

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Cool idea! I’d like to try sometime!

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Maybe when I learn enough c++ through GameDev’s courses, I could do something with it :).

But I thought of an issue with the rules. The little balls will become problematic and get in the way once your pieces begin to cross over that line. If I want the balls, I will have to start them in the middle or think of something else. I could also remove the movement of the pieces (my original idea), and the point is to expose the queen?

Who knows?

You’ve choosen such a great views for rendering !!!
and there is light on each side !!!

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The instructor had did this himself, so in this I cannot claim originality. I simply changed them to point lamps :).

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