4.86: Sure Texture

I made a quick table with some legs, added the texture as “Normal” as the “object” or “Generated” did not seem to give the right kind of texture I wanted. Then I quickly added some spindly legs, shaping them by using the method we learned for making our pawn Base.

I gave it some reflectiveness, and added a little “metallic” to the legs so to darken them up some.

All and All, it looks kind of sharp. Adding the texture, even at this simple level, sure makes a difference.

The texture on the floor was a “Brick Texture” option in the Base Color Options. I could not actually make it render as dark as this scene appears within blender. So copied my screen, pasted it in an photo editor, and saved it there.

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Textures do start the conversion from simple model to realistic image. Coming on well, though something looks odd with the white pieces in particular. Is one part of the material transparent?
Very solid chessboard and tabletop, less chance to upset it if losing! Have to kick away a spindly leg!


The white pieces are actually partially metallic. I kind of liked the odd look. Looks slightly like a polished pearl. Don’t be fooled by the legs! They have metal rods through the middle!.

Although, if the upset player picks up the table to use against the winner…

All I need to do now is add a tail, some ears, and a trunk, and that table will be a wooden elephant one :slight_smile:

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