Everything working but I take no damage

What should I look for if They chase and attack me but I take no damage. Not sure what I did wrong trying to chase through the methods now.

Are you able to do damage to them?

Are you using the provided animations or animations from a 3rd party? (If the enemies are using a 3rd party attack animation, then you’ll need to add a Hit() event).

Im using everything from the course and I can damage them. The animations came from this course. Same animation as player.

Are you getting any error messages in the console?

None but let me check somethign I just noticed this might be my own fault.

Never mind it was my mistake. I had added a second health variable so that the maximum health in the serialized field wasnt changing while the real one was. Ive got it now.

Delete topic if you want I dont have the option.

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