Epic Games New Multiplayer Services SDK for all platforms

Epic have launched a cross-platform (Unity, Unreal et al) set of multiplayer services including lobby / room creation, matchmaking, peer to peer mp (good for coop) with NAT traversal, leaderboards

Looks like Epic are continuing to put their Fortnite money where their mouth is. It would be great to see an addition to the Unreal Multiplayer course :slight_smile:

There has been lots of momentus news! We will be watching to see how this one develops. The integration with this should be smoother than with steam.

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Hey Sam I just signed up with your Unreal Mulitplayer Master: Online Game Development course. I really hope we can integrate what is learned here with this new SDK. I would love to see a Bonus video added at some point. I’m about to start so looking forward to your class!

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Well right now there’s just an SDK. I remember reading that it’ll have integration with Unreal and Unity at a later point.

So right now you have to set it all up manually yourself. So I think it would make sense to do that once it’s integrated into to the engine/editor.


From the company’s point of view, they have chosen the correct path of development. I am sincerely glad for Epic Games. If they continue to develop in the same steps, this will be the best store for purchasing digital products on a PC.
From the user’s point of view, I don’t like that they force their client to install.
I hope when they gain a base, increase the functionality, and stop dragging players in this way.
Even though my favorite game is still FIFA https://www.cdkeysforgames.com/games/steam-games/fifa-22/, I hope that EG will be able to create a worthy competition for EA. It is she who moves progress.