Difference between manipulating velocity / transform

So I’ve been wondering, before I watch Gary code, I’ve tried and make the player ship move by manipulating its velocity just like TileVania where Rick did. I must add that compared to Rick’s part, I feel that Gary did a better job explaining the Unity input system. Still, I wonder what’s the difference? Which one is the optimized solution? or maybe there is no right or wrong this time?

Here’s my solution, seems faster and doesn’t have to involve some mathematics name


There is no right and wrong in this case. The difference is that your version makes the physics simulation move the spaceship whilst Rick’s solution grants us full control over the position values.

In one of the next videos, Rick is going to add pitch/yaw/roll to make the behaviour of the ship feel more exciting. That’s purely optional, though, so you could ignore that part. If you want to have that in your game, you’ll have to figure out how to make that work with your current solution. It’s not difficult, just a little challenge.

Is this what you wanted to know? :slight_smile:

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