CryptRaider Lighting Lecture 75

So I am going through Lecture 75 of the Unreal Engine Course. I am doing the lighting and I have come across a strange issue seen below.

I have my scalability for the lighting set to high so that fixed a lot of issues. I have the ceilings covered so I am not sure what is going on here. When in Unreal it looks like everything is sparkling on the walls and the floors look orange with a flicker as you see in the image. Has anyone run across this and is there a fix for this. I am in Unreal 5.3.2

Hi there, I have observed similar issues when I use a static mesh which is not fully closed i.e. seeing the back side of the mesh. The quickest way to fix that would be to duplicate the mesh and rotate it by 180 and basically cover the back side of this mesh and then try if the issue is resolved

Thanks for helping unfortunately this did not work.

ohh :frowning:

I found these two posts in the forums - maybe they’d help :slight_smile:

So I put a plane over the level but it seems to still happen. However the posts do make a good point on why we need to add unecissary geometry to fix lighting. I know when going through school we didnt have to do this in c++, directx and opengl. Of course the fact that that geometry is not showing the occlusion culling would not render those pieces.

So I kind of figured out the issue, I set scalability for global illumination to epic. Then I added the a postprocessvolume to the scene and increased the Final Gather Quality. The only issue that remains that im not sure how to fix is when turning around you can see the light updating itself. So for instance in the corners it will show a orange color then it will go away a few seconds later.

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