Community Project - Tower Defense (Blender + Unity + 2D Artists)

Hello guys, hope to find you all well,

So, I think that the collaboration section of this amazing community is a little slow and I wanted to create a community project that is casual enough for people to hop in.

#About the project

The idea is to create a Tower Defense along with the community and documentate it here with everyone’s experiences so hopefully more projects can start after this one, there is a Discord channel so people can casually participate giving ideas and discussing about the game or even actively participate in the development of the game by picking and compromising themselves to a role. This project won’t have any kind of revenue, the idea is to make a Credits scene with links to everyone’s page/portfolio or even add ingame links and references to the developers.

#The actual stage of the game

There are only two active developers so far, me and @OboShape , he has been doing the programming and I, the 3d models (I’ve done only one so far actually :joy:), but the whole point of this project is to make people collaborate with each other, so it is on hold for now until more people join it.

The theme that we came up with is a Low Poly and easy to animate Tower Defense game in a Virtual environment where the player have to protect the system against a virus, the game could happen on top of computer boards/components with chips and capacitors around.

The story that we have so far is:

Project H. I. V. E. (Human Interface Viability Experiment)

Information… The modern day currency for corporations and the criminal underworld.
A global digital battleground, constantly waging between todays cyber criminals and those security agencies bound by the morality of law to keep is safe during our daily lives, the fight is relentless.

The weapons of choice for the criminal, a steady stream of zeroes and ones forming ever evolving mathematical algorithms and heuristics to mimic behavioural patterns and penetrate our digital footprint and reap the informational spoils undetected and untraceable.

Our countermeasures to this constant attack … a reactive state to continually detect, adapt, intercept and dispose of threats as they happen, unfortunately this involves time to compute a retaliatory design and sometimes this window of vulnerability is exploited.
This needs to change…. And fast

For the most part attacks are viral, they are based on predetermined and programmed behaviour and algorithms follow rules. What we as a society ned is a counter response that is quickly adaptable and has that base AI functionality that no software can replicate….
Human intuition…….

We at H.I.V.E., strive to bind the clinical efficiency of a software defence, with that unreplaceable source of awareness that is human judgement and intuition and utilise this as a gatekeeper.
We may have had just that interfacing breakthrough that could change the digital security landscape forever…

These clinical trials begin now with you at the forefront….

OboShape is the one to be credited for both the story and the general theme (which I really liked).

#The Organization and Worflow Structure

We have set up a Discord Channel (there is only 5 people so far on 05-27-2017), and everyone have been helping with ideas etc., There is also a Trello board and we want to use a bit of Scrum & Agile, at least the tasks/sprints format since there is no need to go too formal about it.

We are also using the Unity Collaborate tool as the Version Control System, and there is also an BitBucket (git) repository going on to help with the backup since the Unity Collaborate is still in the early stages.

#Available Roles

Well, pretty much everything, I will just list a few things that people could do:

###3D modeling and Animators
Even though I’ve started doing some 3d models, wouldn’t be a problem for me to step aside and leave more work to other people to do so everyone who wants to participate can join, also there are plenty of different 3d objects such as enemies, towers, environment, maps etc. so many modelers could participate if they want to.
Juan from the Discord Channel said that within a few days he should be able to help modeling a few things too

###2D Artist
Could help the 3D modelers by doing textures, creating sprites for the buttons, help the level designer to sketch how a level should look like, create concept arts (if they want to), create/find art to add as background etc. you name it.

(there is currently too many coders, it is advised to pick another role)
The game is being made in Unity, so unfortunately Unreal developers won’t be able to participate as much. But I think that there is still room for some more programmers, some could help with overall logic, point system, level system etc. And if you are afraid to participate, you don’t have to be since both me and Darren can help with the code if there is something that isn’t working as expected.

###Level Design
There is a need to create levels with gradual difficulty in order to keep the player in the right flow of difficulty, also the level designer could help the modelers with ideas etc.
NoamGingi from the discord channel have been helping with this, but there is room for more people to participate

###Story and Game Design
Thinking about game mechanics, how the story will fit into the game etc., there is plenty of things to be done here;
Cyristaline from the discord channel have been helping with this, but there is room for more people to participate

###Document the game in the forum
Since the main idea of this project is to make it collaborative and documented, this person could help in the structure of how this should be done, take screenshots, make videos about the current state of the game and the difficulties that the team is facing, also it would be good to documentate how the Collaborative experience is going, what is working as expected and what isn’t

These roles I’ve listed are just the ones I’ve though of, if you think you could help with something else, go for it :slight_smile: you can even just participate in the discord channel with ideas and test the game, the point is to collaborate.

#You are invited to collaborate

Well, this is the main idea of this project, let me know your thoughts about it even if you are not willing to participate, any ideas of how we could make it better would be very welcome!

Join the Discord channel

PS: @Rob was very helpful with his ideas even before this project started, so Thanks Rob! :slight_smile: You and Darren (OboShape) are awesome people!


Sounds like a very interesting and huge project and hopefully many will get involved in some manner of it’s production. There are tons of creative talent here on the forums from those learning Blender, 2D artists, programmers, etc, who I hope will become involved.

While I am not a video/computer gamer per se, I have some virtual world and good old fashioned RP experience :-). I am pondering your storyline and it’s logistics at the moment and have a question. I am assuming this is a single player (government agent) vs computer (criminal corporations) shooter game and it will be web based platform?



Im glad you found it interesting, it is an Tower Defense and will be built to PC, regarding the story, we are still discussing, all input is welcome :smiley:

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Thanks, is over there now making a comment on the story. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment, that’s very good :smiley:

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Nice one Johnny. Cracking post there explaining and breaking it all down.
Hope to see a few in there just to get a feel for the whole collaboration thing, and will be a good experience and learning curve :slight_smile:


Project looks interesting, good job guys :slight_smile:

I actually think you guys would be fine with the current programmers (i.e. just obo and yourself tbh) but it’s nice of you guys to offer the project out to the community. But if you really didn’t mind having more, I’d love to join along? If I’m honest, the biggest reason I want to join is solely to look at your code and see how you guys are coding a tower defense type game. I like to learn from other people’s code, to see how different/efficient other people write code compared to mine, and adapt accordingly.

Again, if you didn’t mind more coders, I’d like to join in, to write some sample code and to get some critique and feedback on code too.

Love to hear more on this.


This sounds cool :slight_smile: i’m in but with one condition, if something turns out too cute i can’t be held responsible, sometimes my 3d models turn out like that xD


Thanks Daz! Indeed would be nice to see more people participating along.

@pokedev8, the goal is exactly that, I’m not coding in this project tbh, I’ve just done the particle behaviour within the lightning tower when I made the model. I’m sure that there is room to some more coders :slight_smile: let’s organize ourselves using both Trello and the Discord channel so we make sure people are working on different things

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lol…too funny :smiley:

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@Rob it might sound funny but it’s true, other people spill coffee accidentally and i “spill” cuteness in my work :grin:


Sure Em!
Cute >> nonCute anyday :joy:

We should just organize ourselves regarding how we will work together :slight_smile: tomorrow I’ll write a few words regarding how I think the worflow should happen so we can all talk about it on the Discord Channel


@Joao_Dalvi Alrighty as long as everyone is cuteness prepared


Im not great at the code side of things, mine are all a bit frankenstein-ish, and id love to get more bods like yourself @pokedev8 so I can see how others approach things and learn too :slight_smile:

Brilliant @Mihaela_Emilia :smile:


…clean up on aisle two…! :smiley:

@Joao_Dalvi / @OboShape - please can you have a prototype of this duck being las0red asap! :smiley:

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@OboShape thanks ^^ well i think by now people recognize my 3D work as cute based on my forum posts, my alien heads might not look as cute as that ducky but they’re still cute =D


@Rob Its cuteness stops it from being lasored haha


awww… hehe… might have made a nice story line in itself “Save the empire from cuteness, las0r the ducklings…”

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I actually really like the idea to have cute virus enemies :joy:
If you think about it, the computer gets infected by virus in the first place because the user open it up thinking that it is a good thing xD I can even imagine a mini introduction novel where the virus shows up at the first infected computer as this cute duck saying something like “Hey, I’m a cute duck! click at me so we can play together!”


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