My name is João Dalvi (you can call me Johnny), and I`m from Brazil.

I`m 25 and I had almost no experience with programming before entering the unity course, although programming seems to come very naturally for me. I've a degree in business administration and I've been working for my father and helping him with the administration of his company since I was 14 years old.

I always loved to play games. I also like to design things since drawing is a hobby for me, I have plenty of experience with Sketchup (over 7 years) and I`ve seen a bit of Blender as well.

Now I'm studying game development, I started with Ben`s Unity course and after that I'll study his blender course as well, along with some others courses as Inkscape and gimp from other instructors. My goal is to start an Indie game development company and start producing different and challenging games for the mobile market, and from there on. I know that it's not an easy road, but that's my dream and I'm going after it.

Nice to meet you!

This is my profile in unity connect:
Johnny Dalvi Profile