Cinemachine Follow Camera

When I tried to implement the follow camera according to video 16 it just seems to snap to the main camera and you cant really move it. I can provide additional details if required I am also on their discord.


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In which course are you? We have so many courses with more than 16 videos, that I currently don’t know what I could reply without risking to confuse you.

Also please share more information on what you did and have in your project. If there is a problem with the cinemachine, screenshots of the cinemachine brain and the virtual cameras might be helpful.

See also:

Thank you for the response Nina, I will provide the requested info above as soon as I get home from work later on today.

I have figured out how to attached the camera however I cannot move the CinemaMachineBrain camera to adjust the viewing angle. This is video 16 in the complete C# unity game dev video series. Screenshot and code are below.

Thank you. That was helpful.

Your code looks fine so far. You attached it to the Inspector of the Cube (Player), didn’t you? If so, is the player able to move at runtime?

If it is able to move, select the game object with the the Virtual Camera component. Then assign the cube to the ‘Follow’ field.

Do not assign anything while your game is running. Your game needs to be stopped. Otherwise, your changes will get lost when you click the Stop button.

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