Can someone explain why the reverse parascope collider works?

I am confused about why that works. (It doesn’t work for me…)

The ground tilemap collider is on the platforms tilemap, which should also include the walls, not just the floor. This is why wall jumping was an issue. So why is the ground/floor and the wall suddenly considered different collision detection?

I feel like I missed something in the previous videos.

Thank you for anyone that can explain this.


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The player collides with a collider, not with a wall or the ground or something else. If the wall collider and the ground collider are the same, they are not considered different collisions because the collider is the same.

The periscope works because the platform collider is an edge/outline collider. See the Tilemap collider. “Outline” means that the collider does not have an inner part. It is just the edge. When the periscope collider touches the edge, a collision happens. When the periscope collider “exists” the edge, the “exit” event gets triggered.

You can see that if you pause the game and click the third button (not Play, not Pause) to flip through the frames.

Is this what you wanted to know?

See also:

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Yeah, that makes sense now. Because the collider goes “into” the wall of the tilemap, its no longer touching the edge so the trigger exits. Thank you!

I was thinking the whole collider area was solid and so it was never going to exit.

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