Bug on the position of Score Text

So, I made a mistake and after creating Level 1 and Level 2, the blocks are in different positions on the X,Y,Z grid (The tip of reseting the position of every gameobject is real, people) . So, when the level changes, the Score gets out of the main camera.

How can I reset the position of Score Text ?

I tried adding the line: scoreText.transform.position = new Vector3(435, 477, -8241); on the Aweke, like so:

int gameStatusCount = FindObjectsOfType().Length;
if (gameStatusCount > 1)
scoreText.transform.position = new Vector3(435, 477, -8241);

How can I change the position on the ScoreText? How can I name a game object from another scene?

Thank you everyone!

Hi Lucas,

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Where is your score text supposed to appear in the game window? Maybe you could fix the anchors in the Rect Transform component.


See also:

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Thank you for the help. I found the problem:


My Canvas was “away” of the camera, so the background was covering the score.

Thank you!

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