Big Preformance Problem when i insert MetaHuman as player

Hello everybody,

Got a problem when i import my MetaHuman to my Project and i play with, the performances of my game is really bad when i am looking up and down. Got a 4080 SuprimX and a very good pc, When the instructor make it on the video, its very clear and fluid, so i dont understand how i got this problem on my side. Do someone has an idea ?

I join a video to make you understand easily (Link to the vidéo HERE - WeTransfer). On the video, we can clearly see that when i am just moving forward or turning right/left all is ok, but when i approaches the character by looking up or down, i got laaggggsss and freezes, and as you can see on the stats, the performance are really bad instantly.

Thank you very much

I had the same problem. There seems to be a difference in the BP that comes with the metahuman now vs when the course was made, so that could offer an area that could create performance issues. I never figured out how to solve it and just skipped this part of the course. However, I am now at the pickups section of the course, and need access to the same BP that comes with the metahumans, so I am stuck. I hope you find a solution.

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Hello, thank you for your message, that make me feel better, i mean It reassures me to know that I am not alone in having this problem, yes I hope that we will have an answer to this problem very soon because it is very important the character in a game so if we do not find a solution I’m going to get depressed.

I suggest, continuing the course without the added metahuman. Follow the course to the pick up item section create the torch, but don’t try to attach it, create the spider web and just don’t have it block the way, that way you can at least go through the course and learn, while waiting for an answer, you can always revisit the meta human section once a fix is found.

If you’re looking to use either Manny or Quinn meshes instead of the meta humans, you can still attach the Torch (and eventually the gun). Just need to make the related component(s) a child of the Mesh component and select either hand_l or hand_r as the parent socket. You’ll want to pause anims and adjust for the best results (more on this last bit in the course if not already)

See the problem is I couldn’t figure out what file to do this in. Since it’s not covered in the class. I’ve tried a bunch of the files, but none of them have what looked like what I saw in the metahuman file with the mesh hierarchy.

And they won’t, as that is unique to the metahuman. The blueprint you’ll want to use is BP_ThirdPerson.

I looked in that file and it isn’t obvious what to do. I’m literally 2 weeks into using UE, so I don’t really know what to look for here. Just telling me what file doesn’t really help, especially if it doesn’t look like the MetaHuman file.

As for the OP’s original problem, is there a fix to performance issues? If that was fixed then I could actually follow the class with the metahuman.

It seems like a quick fix (if only temporary) is adjusting the base LOD for the Metahuman. But it really seems like your mileage may vary, as I personally haven’t experienced a large issue with a weaker GPU. Which has me thinking it isn’t purely a graphics problem. There will also be some overhead from using the editor, which would go away for a packaged project.

Metahuman is still considered experimental, so you have to keep that in mind.

Here’s a revised screenshot of the above suggestion with the actual torch (I didn’t have access to the course material when I originally did this)

Thanks for that, I did try changing the LOD settings, but it did not help, I’m on a 3060 graphics card so while not top of the line, it’s not a bad card so I wouldn’t think it to be the problem.

That said to me it feels wrong that we have “experimental” features in a course to for beginners to start their game dev journey. Everything in a course like this should be rock solid foundation that will always work, not something experimental and in a state of flux.

Thanks for the image, I’ll take a look at that in a little bit.

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Hello, thank you for your replies.

Yes of course i already saw this topic, but my LOD are configured to 0 and i tried to set to any other number between 1 and 8 but that doesnt change anything. Actually i continue the course with the basic human but its not really convenient, i hope i will get more help and be able to solve this problem.

It is not normal that with my setup i got this kind of problem, so i think the problem doesnt come from my setup.

I am waiting for every other suggestion/ideas.

Thank you very much

I had a similar issue I posted recently here: Performance took a nose dive after duplicating the metahuman guard - Unreal Courses / Talk -

I’m also using an RTX 3090 and AMD Ryzen 9 5900x with 64gb DDR4 memory.

I had to force the LOD on all the metahumans to ‘1’ and I got back most, but not all of my performance.

I don’t know the exact problem, but it’s definitely related to the metahumans.

This wasn’t meant to be a beginner course, actually. Something closer to beginner+ or intermediate.

That said, I personally hear you on the experimental features bit. And I can pass that feedback on for future courses.

Well, I’m a software engineer of 20+ years, and I’ve gone through some Unity courses, but GDTV has no UE Blueprint courses for 5.x yet, just 4.0, so with what knowledge I do have i thought this would be easy enough to follow along with, and it is, but I don’t have experience with adding things to models via sockets and blueprints. Or even how to setup a character from scratch with animation and controls.

What I would LOVE to see is a course where there are 2 sections. Setup character, with controller, and animation from scratch for both FPS and Third person. Then the rest of the course could be similar to the action adventure course either in fps mode of third person mode. Teach people how to switch between both modes.

Anyway I tried to follow what you showed in the shared screen, and something broke bigtime, my character movement was all wrong, and the animation was broken, so I’m just going to take a break from it. I’m a little more than frustrated.

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While technically true, the 4.x blueprints course is still applicable to UE5 and can even be followed in UE5 in terms of its code. While some parts of the UI in the editor will be different.

If I had to make a guess, it’s because the collision presets for your torch are not set to “no collision”. Which is a common problem I’ve seen with students at that stage.

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