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My specifications are:

  • Iconised
  • 2D appearance
  • No transparency
  • flat shading
  • square edged
  • no symmetrie

Ok. Here is what I will stick to…

Look --> iconised

Appearance --> 2d

transparency - solid background but the icons will be rounded square, to transparence at the corners

Shading - flat

edges - rounded square

symmetry - none


I’m going to be working on some prototype icons for the game I’m making so I’ll be using the following:

  • Monochromatic: Since these icons will be on an in-game tablet I’ll be working with Green and Black.
  • 2-Dimensional: Again, these will be on an in-game tablet so they will need to fit the item’s screen.
  • Transparent Borders with Solid Background for the words.
  • Being Monochromatic there shouldn’t be shading but where there is I’ll us Flat.
  • Rounded Rectangular/Square: Most of this Icon set will be words (providing I can fit them in 32 px.
  • The overall shape of the Icons should be symmetrical.
  • Transparent Borders with Solid Background for the words

If I am unable to get the words into a 32px image, I will use the following specs:
Iconized 2D image with transparent background and flat shading. The proportions to be based on a square or rectangular area with realistic symmetry, or as close as I can get to realistic.