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My specifications are:

  • Iconised
  • 2D appearance
  • No transparency
  • flat shading
  • square edged
  • no symmetrie

Ok. Here is what I will stick to…

Look --> iconised

Appearance --> 2d

transparency - solid background but the icons will be rounded square, to transparence at the corners

Shading - flat

edges - rounded square

symmetry - none

I’m going to be working on some prototype icons for the game I’m making so I’ll be using the following:

  • Monochromatic: Since these icons will be on an in-game tablet I’ll be working with Green and Black.
  • 2-Dimensional: Again, these will be on an in-game tablet so they will need to fit the item’s screen.
  • Transparent Borders with Solid Background for the words.
  • Being Monochromatic there shouldn’t be shading but where there is I’ll us Flat.
  • Rounded Rectangular/Square: Most of this Icon set will be words (providing I can fit them in 32 px.
  • The overall shape of the Icons should be symmetrical.
  • Transparent Borders with Solid Background for the words

If I am unable to get the words into a 32px image, I will use the following specs:
Iconized 2D image with transparent background and flat shading. The proportions to be based on a square or rectangular area with realistic symmetry, or as close as I can get to realistic.

My constraints for section 2 are:

  1. Iconised
  2. 2D
  3. No Transparency
  4. Flat shading
  5. Square or sharp edges
  6. Has axis of symmetry

I am not sure what to expect, but since I would like to make skill and weapon icons, I divided the two into distinct groups.

Icons for Skills
-more iconised
-not transparent (has a background)
-smoother shading
-rounded square edge

Icons for Weapons/Tomes
-more realistic
-more 3D
-transparent (no background)
-smoother shading
-circular edges
-weapons tilted to the left, tomes tilted to the right

  • Realistic
  • 2d
  • Transparency
  • Realistic Shading
  • Rounded edge
  • Symmetry Axis

My standards for section 2:

  • Iconised
  • Transparency
  • Flat shaded
  • Square edge
  • Axis of Symmetry not required
  • I will see where I go in aspect to 2D vs 3D

hi, here are my specifications to work:

2d or isometric images
iconicised or real images
transparent or non-transparent
flat or realistic shading
framed or not framed
flat background or detailed background

and I picked this list as my design constrains
flat shading
not framed
flat background

Thank you very much for having made a 10mins video entirely on the specs! It is a very important matter.
If only some of my colleagues thought more about it… :smile:

Anyway, here are my choices for my next project :

  • Iconized
  • 2D appearance
  • No transparency
  • Shading : realistic / progressive
  • Square edged
  • Axis of symmetry : yes, at least for the general shapes of objects on the icons. shading, inner coloring or “stacks” of objets might not respect symmetry.

And I’m also thinking of the color themes to respect, as I really want a good identity for my icons.

Let’s hope it works!