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no transparency
flat shading
rounded square
No mirroring

  • Icon
  • 2D
  • Maybe Transparency
  • Flat
  • Square with Border
  • No Symmetry


I want to go with Iconized, 3D, Transparent, Flat shading, Rounded Square, and Axis of Symmetry (Asymmetric things drive me insane)


So my choices are:

"Real" "Stilised" Choice
3D 2D 2D
Rounded Cornered Square/Rectangle
Transparent Yes
Multi-Colour Palette-constrained Using edg32 Palette
Symmetry No
Shading Flat Flat


Forgot to post this. :sweat_smile:

I’m going to be aiming for iconized 2D with transparent backgrounds. Shaded because I don’t want flat, but I don’t want realistic. Rounded square with symmetry because I think it’ll look cleaner. I may change my mind once I figure out what mirrored is…


Here are my guidelines:

  • Iconised
  • 2D
  • No Transparency
  • Flat Shading
  • Rounded Square
  • Symmetry


I’m going with:

  • Iconised
  • 3D - Gotta challenge myself in SOME way!
  • No Transparency
  • Shading - Think some, not too sure yet
  • Square Edged
  • No mirroring/symmetry

Well, hope I chose well. :smiley:


Here are my choices for a specification:

  1. Iconised

  2. 2D

  3. Opaque

  4. Flat Shading

  5. Rounded Square

  6. Asymmetrical


My choices:

  1. Iconised
  2. 2D
  3. Yes to transparency
  4. Flat shading
  5. Square edged
  6. No to symetry


So, I chose

  • Iconised
  • 2D
  • Transparency gets a yes
  • Realistically shaded
  • Coloured
  • Symmetry, yes as well


Well I am used to Google icon sets. They are clean, simple, have a high contrast and are vectored (SVG).

So with that in mind, I am going for:

  • 2D (I did the Blender course. So 3D could be an option, but then I’m not learning GIMP)
  • So icons (because lifting on the design of Google. You got some better recognition on standard symbols. Improves User Interface)
  • Transparent or not. Is a difficult one, depends on where the icons are used for (image over image, icon over flat colored pannels … I go for transparent. sigh …
  • No symmetry or axis
  • Trying to use NEON look - what ever that is - less color variation.
  • If these icons are used as buttons, then also variations are needed … bummer

Where are the client specs … ?

  • iconised
  • 2D appearance
  • no Transparancy
  • “little bit” shading
  • rounded square edge
  • i try Axis of symmetry


Some Ideas I had for specification. Some are not as general as others, but hopefully I can stick with my choices:

Moving or stationary? Should it be a standing horse, or a horse at full gallop? Swinging sword or just a sword?

Fantastical or mundane? Horse or a unicorn. Plain metal sword, or a saber made of… light?

Border or borderless? Borders are not always used and sometimes the frame itself is static and uniform with the only change being the icon itself.

Light or dark? You might use only one half of the value range. Giving either brighter or darker results.

Saturated or not? You could do the same with the saturation. Giving more vivid or subdued results.

Pristine or dirty? Should the icons look like they have been through the ringer, or fresh from the box?

I’m going with: Moving, Fantastical, Border, Light, Unsaturated, and Dirty.


no transparency
flat shading
square edged
and no symmetry


Here are my binary constraints. I had a difficult time coming up with some of my own. Maybe because I don’t usually dabble in art and don’t of these things?

  • Looks Real or is iconised: Iconised
  • Black/White or colorful: colorful
  • Flat Shading or realistic shading: flat shading
  • Image and text or image only: image only
  • Square Edged or Rounded: rounded
  • Transparent or solid: solid


My Binary constraints.
I’m not an artist and consider myself to have some difficult to imagine art related things.

  • Looks: Iconised
  • Appearance: 2D
  • Transparency: Yes
  • Shading: Flat
  • Edge: Rounded Square
  • Symmetry: not required


Binary Constraints. I feel like some might change as I become more knowledgeable when I see how the first result actually looks to determine if it’s the look I’m going for.

-2D in Appearance (Shading might make it look somewhat 3D)
-Transparency (Sometimes? Not too sure.)
-Shading will be somewhat Realistic, not completely flat
-Square Edged
-Not constrained to symmetry


Going with these specs, been a while so I am going to try to keep it simple :slight_smile:
6 Binary Choices for Game Icons
1: Rounded Square Frame
2: 2D in appearance
3: No Mirroring
4: No Transparency
5: Iconised Images
6: Flat Shading



My specifications ~ Abby

  • Iconized
  • 2D
  • No Transparency
  • Flat shading
  • Square
  • Axis of Symmetry/Mirroring NO