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Good way to make you think about what you are going to do.


Glad you like it, I was worried it may be a bit to analytical for some people.


This is my choice for section 2:

  • Iconised
  • 2D
  • No transparency
  • Flat shading
  • Sqaure edged
  • Axis of Symmetry

About the Axis of Symmetry / Mirroring, I’m not sure if I understood the difference completely in relation to icons. Looks very similar to me…


3D - ish
Not Transparent
Shading not quite realistic, but not flat. Cartoonish 3D maybe
Square Icons
No Symmetry

This is what I have decided and these choices will guide my fate.


Here are my choices:

  1. Iconised

  2. 2D

  3. Opaque

  4. Flat Shading

  5. Rounded Square

  6. Symmetry not required


Oh dear, I am unsure of my decisions, but here goes nothing!

  1. Realistic

  2. 2D

  3. Non-Transparent

  4. Realistic Shading

  5. I think I want square-edged? I am too new to art to really know what I want

  6. I don’t think I want an axis of symmetry, but once again, my comprehension of what I want is a little limited.

This should be good though! I’m excited!

  • Ionized

  • 2D

  • Transparent

  • Flat Shading

  • Square Edged

  • No Symmetry



  • Iconized
  • 3D
  • Transparant
  • Flat shading
  • Square Edged
  • No mirroring



Look: Iconized
2D/3D: Stylized 3D
Perspective: Isometric
Transparency: yes
Shading: Stylized -> 3D-ish, but not exactly realistic
Rounded edges


My Spec:

  1. Iconized
  2. 2D
  3. Tranparency
  4. Flat Shading
  5. Square (maybe with rounded corners)
  6. Symmetry not needed


Here is my plan for some buttons and what not for an rpg/builder concept I’ve been toying with

  1. Iconized
  2. 2d
  3. No transparency
  4. Some shading
  5. Rounded Square
  6. Mirrored in general


1 icon
2 2D
3 no transparent
4 flat
5 not sure about edge
6 no axis

  • Iconised.
  • 2D.
  • No Transparency.
  • Action Icon.
  • Rounded Square Edge.
  • Not mirrored.


I see what you did there :slight_smile:



Though, in the symmetry, I think there will be slight inflections, like if a person is holding a sword


Here are my choices:

Iconized - So I have more room to work with.

3D - So I can have an open world environment.

Transparency - So I can blend my icons together.

Flat Shading - Because I want a cartoony look with my icons.

Rounded Square Edge - For a more polished looking icons that still have a pixelated look.

Rich Vibrant Colors - So I can enhance that cartoon feeling and have a playful look with my icons

Not mirrored - Because I’m still not sure what that is… So this one might change as I become more knowledgeable.






Flat Shading


No Symmetry


Iconised - Gives a comfortable appearance
3D - Gives depth
Transparent - Assists with depth/3D
Flat Shading - Should look vibrant, not gritty
Rounded Square - Gives smoothness
Symmetrical - Personal preference


Real or iconised - iconised
Shape - rounded square
Appearence - 2D
Transparency - none
Shading - flat
Symmetry - none