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Greetings from Poland.

I’m Matthew, and I’m designing games for a little game developer company. Since the team is rather small, I have to be sort of an all-rounder. That’s why I’m looking forward to expand my skills through this course.
Have a good one.


hello everyone, this is the first time i am using udemy, i must say im very excited and cannot wait to see what this course will provide me with.


Hi all. I am beginning to work on games and programming, but have no prior experience with coding. Figured this would be a good place to start.


Hi. Tony from WA State here. Little experience, hoping to learn a lot with these resources. Thank you. Here I go!


Hello everyone. I’m Bartek from Poland. I have little experience with coding in C++ and some experience in UE4. I want to learn industry standards so I can start working on game development in future. Cheers!


Hello everyone.I am Kostadin from Bulgaria.I have experience with C and C++ and a little bit with C#.I am verry glad that i am a part of this course!


Hi there everyone! hope i can learn something out of this :blush: name’s Vincenzo, i’m from Italy and i pratically have no experience whatsoever in coding or UE4, i want to learn everything i can so i can start to work on game development someday… good luck everyone.


Hello Everyone! I’m Rohail from India. I have done my diploma in Computer Engineering and currently doing my degree. Hope I can learn something out of this course and start developing games. Good to be here.


Hi all, I’m a high school senior soon to be a college freshman and I’ve been doing game dev and coding for a while as a hobby. Until now, I’ve used unity, but I think it’s time to try a different engine! Thanks to Ben and Sam for making this course!


Hi all, I’m an accountant living in London desperate to learn how to do something I’m actually passionate about! No prior experience coding or game developing but looking forward to learning!


Hello everyone. I’m Megan I’m from the US and I love games and going to community college studying programming and art to hopefully transfer and get a degree. I took game development classes that used unreal and I’ve taken C++ programming and art classes. It seems like you can learn a lot in this course and I’m excited! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’m Ivar from Norway. I’ve always been very passionate about games and the network around it with likeminded people. I have absolutely no experience in game design, closest to it would be watching streams of other developers making their games. I have repeatable times tried to learn myself this, but failed mostly due to the fact that I have no idea where to start and I often seem to get a little too ambitious of what I wish to create. I hope this course will help me out with understanding the basics of programming and help me to grow to the level I need to be before I can take on my own game :slight_smile:

I hope you guys are active and help each other out. Also, are there a discord to this group where people can get in touch?


Hi everybody, I come from Italy where I study Computer Science (Bachelor’s Degree).
I love programming and i love playing videogames, so it would be awesome if i could make my own videogames! Obviously, i am here to learn, i hope that this course will lead me far in this field.


HI everyone, my name is Jeff and i come from Indonesia.
it’s always my dream to create a game that can. i have a little experience in programming.


Hi everyone. I’m David I’m from Mexico I love video games :joystick:, creating characters :dragon_face:, environments :national_park: but I want to take the next step and bring them to life; because right now they feel kind a flat and programming is the right path for that, I cant wait to start.


Hello I’m Sunil, from France
I’m here to learn and create video games but first I need to learn
Thanks a lot for your course cant wait to start.


hi Sunil, I’m Sami .


Hello to everyone, my name is Anton and I am from Bulgaria. I have no prior coding experience! I am excited to begin learning C++ with Unreal Engine and I am looking forward to start learning/using Blender also!


Hello! My name is Dennis. I´m 21 years old and I´m from Germany. I have made the decision to learn how to build games in UE4. However, I realized soon that trying to create a game without the necessary coding skills won´t bring me the desired results. I don´t have any coding experience at all, but I look forward to acquiring a elementary knowledge of programming. I love video games and it would be my dream to get into game development. I hope this course will help me laying down the foundation for my way into the video game industry.


Hello Everyone. I am a Deep Learning Engineer. I have done a lot of Supervised and unsupervised learning until now. And, I feel this is a good time to start with reinforcement learning. I am aware that most of those simulations are run in some game environment. That is why I am taking this course. I am also taking the Reinforcement learning course simultaneously. My main goal is to use the learnt models in Unreal Engine as a step towards building robust and dynamic video games. I have always been interested in video game development, and now is when I am finally getting to do it. My github is akanimax. Ping me if you resonate with my thoughts and background.