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Hey, I’m Jasmine. I’m from NY and I’m excited to learn a coding language widely used in the gaming industry. I love playing games and am passionate about learning to create them!


I just wanted to point out a possible solution for installation of visual studio on linux, windows, or mac via virtual machines.

Microsoft developer network provides a two month trial windows 10 virtual machine that will run in Vbox, Parallels, VMware and HyperV with an already installed visual studio 17. The VM expires in a couple of month is why this is legal. I use vbox and keep all my code on a shared folder so nothing is lost just delete the machine and start over.

The download is ~20gb and the ending virtual box drive created is 126gb so lots of space will be needed to run this virtual machine.

Here is the link to Microsoft development virtual machines:

For Windows users you can also install VS 2017 via chocolaty which is a package manager for powershell. Via chocolaty you can also install git and poshgit which gives a nice powershell color prompt for command line git operations.


Hi, I don’t know what to say…


Hello! I’m Brittney, I’m a software developer in Chicago, IL. I’m excited to learn game dev and make some fun and engaging projects.


Hi everyone! Magandang araw from the Philippines! I just wanted to drop an intro and try to get the most out of this course, for how much it costs. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, but finding this thread and skimming through the (currently) 184 replies is a really good reminder of how much of a global phenomenon game development is with people from all over the US, Europe, and even SEA!

I picked up this course because I tried to make a small game with my friends in college. Since then we’ve all moved away to get on with our own lives, but I hope I can finish that prototype we never really had the time to finish while graduating. Just so I can show the guys what it would have looked like.


Hi Everyone, I’m taking this course because I felt my school course on C++ won’t support me that much in job hunting. Though not sure how this course is going to


I’m writing a game for a Final Project in my CS degree. Hopefully this course will help. Wish me luck!


Hello!, just wanted to take this coruse to learn how to buld games. I have some knogledge of C from long long time ago (and from far far away also). I hope C++ is not much different. I have done some matlab coding bc of work. Well, let’s see if I can build something fun with this new knowledge.
Cheers and thank you for offering this course.


Hello all am from Auz just picked up this course today i’ve been using unreal for little while mainly blueprinting but Very little information in what i need plus C++ industry standard for gaming and i want to eventually design my own can start a game studio or work for a game studio in the future… this is my first step yay !!! love to hear from other newbies in australia to collab with


Hope to learn lots from this course. It would be a blast to make a few dollars making games!!! Would like to work from home, too, from here in Alberta, Canada. Thanks for the great course!


Hey everyone- Chris here from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m an audio production professional with an interest in gaming and a passion for sound design. I’ve spent most of my career working in radio stations, music studios, and post-production houses. I’ve never learned a programming language or built a game, and it’s hindered my ability to break into the audio for games industry. It seems they want people who not only do sound design but also code the audio into the game. I’m excited to learn how to implement audio assets into Unreal (and hopefully other engines in the future) to further my career into the game design field. I feel fairly out of my depth here, which I hope is normal, but I’m a hard worker so hopefully I can understand all of this! Looking forward to speaking with some of you!


Hello there!
I’m Everson from Brazil and I am excited to be starting this new course and get to learn C++ and game dev so I can put in practice some ideas of mine.


Hi All.
From the UK and old school VB programmer now looking to move into C++ and Unreal Engine so a bit of game programming will make it fun :-):grin:


Hi there,
I’m Jimmy, coming from Italy! Even though I’m really busy with university, I’m so ready to give it all for this new world. Let’s do it! :muscle::sunglasses:



My name is Ivan, a New Yorker living in Maryland. I’ve coded a bit in C++ and want to expand my knowledge while learning a bit about the game programming process. The goal is to hopefully be able to code my own game soon, and hopefully make something fun.


Hi everyone,
This is Hieu, a sophomore college student who is pursuing Computer Science as a degree. I am currently taking C++ class at school so I thought taking this course could enhance my understanding toward C++ and also improving my coding experience.

Looking forward to create my first game. Hope that you guys will have a dedication for this course and be excel in making video games!


I’m new to the new systems, it was many years ago when i first cuilt stuff in c dos, before windows existed lol… so now i’m trying to get back into it. i do 3d graphic art on the computer but thought i’d like to give the game engines a try.


Hi my name is Steven. I am from northern New Jersey USA. I am primarily taking this course to begin my journey into C++ programming and using the Unreal Engine. Though Ben says he goes through teaching basic C++ rather quickly I am going to take it slow and read every discussion and use every resource for all sections.

That said, I just purchased the Unreal VR course by Ben as well. This is where all my learning is heading as I want to be a VR artist. I have a lot of philosophical ideas and some shadow work to express in future projects.

I wish you all the best of luck in this course!



Hello. I’m Emel from Los Angeles. Learning to code to get my degree in computer science and to start a game company in the future. Looking to learn be a Designer/Developer.


Hi All,

My name is Lukas, and I am a full time developer just looking to pursue my hobby in game development. I code in C# and have worked in the past as a QA tester for video games.
I have always enjoyed playing games, and have taken a few game related courses while at university in Montreal.
My goal for this course is to learn how to use the Unreal Engine and with the VR course, create a small game for the Oculus Rift or GearVR.