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Hi guys, I’m James and I’ve just finished my Masters in game development. I used Unreal Engine throughout my course, but I was working with Blueprints, so I’m now trying to transition over to C++ in order to allow me to accomplish more complex tasks, and potentially experiment with different engines, such as Lumberyard! :slight_smile:


Hello World ! I’m Hendera. I started to learn computer science a few months ago. I hope this course can improve my development and coding skills, beside that I’m looking forward to learn from you guys too.


Greetings from Utah, USA! I am not terribly proficient with computers, but I’m here to try and see if computer programming is my thing, thanks to my third career existential crisis. (Domestic Violence Counseling > Funeral Directing > Nursing). We’ll see how this goes! Good luck, everyone. Let’s become Unreal Engine wizards. :wink:


Yes! I like that term a lot!! Let’s become Unreal wizards!!! :smile: Welcome to the course, I hope you find what you are looking for


Hello everyone, a new addition to the course here that’s always wanted to get into game development but has been pretty intimidated by it. Hoping this will help me out!


Hello everyone,
My name is De La, I am from New York City and am 16 years old. I have been self-teaching myself coding and 3D modeling for the past two years through free YouTube courses, and this is my first paid course. I have many ideas for games that I would like to execute and am hoping that this course will be able to do this for me.
I hope that I too can be of help and am very eager to learn.


Hello all! I’m just starting with how to use C++ and I really look forward to learning a new coding language. I’m from a small town in Nebraska and hope to make great progress through the courses.


I am a retired Computer and Electronics Technician With 20 years in the US NAvy and following careers in Customer service, IT and Electronics Manufacturing. I am a long Time gamer and and am using this course as a first step towards making mods for games.


Hello, just starting the course, also long time gamer, I’ve coding experience from high school days, and really wanting to dive into proper game dev.


Hello everyone, I am William. Another gamer with a dream here, we will see how it goes. I am from Rockland County, NY if anyone is from there, feel free to give me a shout. Excited to go through this with you all.


Hi everyone!
I recently graduated the bachelor’s degree program at my university (BCIT), which specializes in game development.
I’m here to learn UE4 to help diversify my portfolio and skill set; I hear it’s quite popular in the industry :wink:

I have dabbled a bit with blueprints, but would really like to have a more solid understanding of how to use this engine with C++


I am new here, next year I will start university and there I will learn to use C ++, so I am taking this course to get an advantage while I enjoy learning to create what I love most in the world, videogames.
Good to be here!


Hi, my name is Francesco, I work mostly with Java and Spring, but now I am curious to understand how my favorite games are really made


Hello everyone!

I’m Claire and I’m from Scotland. I’m applying to some game programming courses in university as a follow on from my current course so I want to start learning C++ to keep up with the current students. I have some experience with Java so I’m hoping I enjoy C++ as well.


Hello Juca

I’m from Brazil too, I’m looking for an opportunity to working with game programming.
I have such great ideas to games but developing alone it is quite hard.


Hello, just joined!


Hello, I’m a 45 year old student (currently enrolled in university) looking to become a fluent in programmer. Hoping to attain a career in software development and look forward to learning C++ with everyone!


Hi Kenny, I’m from (and currently reside) C-Bus as well! I’m a novice at the moment and my previous career was a Graphic Artist (mostly in print media) in SF, Ca.


Hi there, my name is Ciro and i’m from Mexico i’m taking this course because love programming and i love work on games industry i want to improve my skills to get better job opportunities and grow up the industry on Mexico of course.

i’m working on some projects right now in Unity and i was a teacher for Unreal also so i’m taking the course to reinforcing the knowledge (because i just teached with blueprints)


Hi everyone
I am Martin and I am from the Czech Republic. I am 3D artist with python scripting experience and I want to expand my skillset to proper programming inside UE.